Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010: Year In Review

2010 brought some crazy and unexpected changes to our house. . . like a new baby! I didn't think I'd be having a baby in 2010, that's for sure, but Brooke had her own agenda. :) And so we are now a family of five. I checked in on my new year's blog post from last year to see how I did on my new year's resolutions.

I wrote:
"1. Lose 10 more pounds by March. . . and then maintain that weight all year long."
Obviously, pregnancy changed that plan in a hurry. :) I did get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, just in time to get pregnant again. And now I have to start fresh with another "lose the baby weight" resolution. I want to lose 20 pounds by the start of summer. I gotta admit, I'm not looking forward to another diet. But it's got to be done.

"2. Be an even better mother and wife. Laugh harder, play harder, work harder!"
I think this one can be an ongoing resolution. Every year, I want to try for that!

"3. Make some new friends."
I did! And I'd like to keep this resolution for coming year as well.

"4. Learn how to use my new camera and take even better photos!"
Hmm. . . I partially did this one. I know more about photography than I did last year, but I still have lots to learn. I still struggle with how to take great no-flash pictures in low lighting, so I'd love to nail that one this year.

"5. Go on lots of fun new adventures! (Now that's at least ONE that I know I won't break)"
Haha, I know myself too well! Of course I kept this resolution, and I'm renewing it for this year too!

Here's the main resolution I want to add for 2011:
***Save up enough for a down payment so we can buy a new home! We are outgrowing our house in a major way, and I've been dreaming of a house in Samammish with a big, open kitchen and family room with tall ceilings and lots of windows, tons more living space, and a nice yard full of pine trees. *Sigh*

Here are some highlights from the year 2010 for our family:

*January* *Took Kirsten sledding for the first time ever in the beautiful snowy mountains* *Natalie's love affair with her mobile began when she learned how to turn it on herself. She still adores her mobile (it's pretty cool, plays a light show and music) and falls asleep to it* *I spent a kid-free weekend in Vancouver, BC with my friend Miranda*

*February* *I turned 28. It was pretty uneventful* *Natalie started standing up* *Winter Olympics!*

*March* *Stephen turned the big 3-0 and became officially old* *Found out I was pregnant. Didn't believe it at first*

*April* *Went on our big South America vacation for our 5-year anniversary!!!* *Had a fun Easter with Kirsten's very first Easter egg hunt* *My little baby Natalie turned 1!*

*May* *Kirsten turned 3! We celebrated with a fun party at a beautiful park* *Watched the LOST finale* *Announced to the blog and Facebook world that we're expecting baby #3* *Took the kids to the Seattle Folklife Festival and saw Shrek in Imax3D at the Pacific Science Center for Memorial day weekend* *Had the rainiest May I can ever remember*

*June* *Found out that baby number 3 was, indeed, another girl* *Finally got Kirsten to be fully potty-trained*

*July* *Went camping with friends at an awesome lake at Steamboat Rock State Park* *Took the kids to the Lilith Fair concert at the Gorge* *Discovered how much both the girls love fireworks!*

*August* *Natalie finally started walking, at 16 months, proving that second children do not always walk earlier than the first one* *Went swimming whenever we got the chance, and spent time at the splash park* *Took the kids to Northwest Trek Animal park* *Spent a weekend in Utah for my cousin's wedding, and then drove with my parents to San Diego for a week*

*September* *Went to the Evergreen State Fair* *Went to the John Mayer/Keith Urban concert at the Gorge* *Kirsten started a cute little preschool a couple of days a week, plus some gymnastics and music classes at the community center*

*October* *Took a nice little weekend roadtrip through North Cascades National Park* *Went to the pumpkin patch and decorated for Halloween!* *Brooke was born! She came the day before her due date, and was born on October 29'th. The biggest highlight of our year, for sure (and it's pretty hard to beat South America, but she did!)*

*November* *Learning (still in the process) how to adjust to life with three kids under four* *My family came to visit and we had a VERY snowy Thanksgiving* *Cut down our Christmas tree from a tree farm and decorated our house for Christmas!*

*December* *Brooke learned how to smile!* *Saw some gorgeous Christmas lights at the Bellevue Botanical Garden and Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood* *Rode the Christmas Carousel in Seattle* *Flew to San Diego for our Christmas vacation (where we still are!)*

There it is. . . our year in a nutshell. It's had ups and downs, moment of pure exhiliration, plenty of surprises, and a lot of laughter and love.

I haven't uploaded any of my new year's pictures onto my parents' abysmally slow computer, so here are some leftover pictures from December of my two "dancing princesses." Pretty cute!

So long, 2010!
2011. . . Bring it on! I hope it's a great one for me and for everyone who reads this!!!


  1. So cute. You had such a fun and exciting year! Hope that 2011 treats you even better!

  2. What a wonderful year and hopefully 2011 will be even better. You are blessed with a beautiful family. Happy New Year!& God bless you all.

  3. You guys had a busy year for sure! LOVE all the pictures of Kirsten dressing up, so darling!

  4. WOW ASHLEYYYY! what a year for the Veater Family!!!!
    you are so full of adventure, girl!!!! i get tired just reading about all of your travels and adventures!! :)

  5. What an amazing year! Hope 2011 is just as, if not more amazing!

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