Monday, January 31, 2011

Fabulous Finds: Some Stuff Worth Mentioning

One of my goals for the new year is to educate myself about things that I don't know much about but should. Here's a few examples:

*I'm really not great at financial stuff. REALLY not. Thank goodness I married a man who's very good at finances and puts up with my ignorance about it. And even though we do own a townhome, I have only a vague understanding about mortgages, home loans, financing, and that tricky thing called refinancing. We've definitely considered refinancing our home but have been freaked out by the out of pocket expenses it requires. A new thing I just learned about is called a Streamline Refinance. I don't really see why we shouldn't try this out. The benefits include no additional paperwork and no out of pocket expenses! I'm really anxious to see if we can lower our interest and our monthly payments. I'd very much love to have extra money to put towards our goal of saving for a bigger house!

Some of my friends who are military wives might be really interested in this. . . the VA Streamline Refinance or the VA cashout refinance. These are for active duty and prior service veterans, and they are at record low levels. Worth checking into for sure!

*Here's another thing I have limited knowledge about. . . electronic stuff. As far as cables and wires that are all tangled up in our TV cabinets, I have absolutely no idea what any of them are for. If my husband were to suddenly disapppear, I'd have to pay somebody to come over and sort through all the cables for me. How sad is that? When we got our HDTV last year, I learned that you actually need special HDMI cables, or else the TV would just show in standard definition. And in my recent quest for knowledge from my husband's brain I learned that you need a DVI to HDMI cable to be able to connect a computer to an HDTV. Confusing to me, yes, but also useful to know!

Oh, and also on my mind. . . are 3D TV's really going to be the new exciting thing??? Is everyone going to have one soon? I can hardly imagine our nice HDTV becoming old technology anytime soon, but it does seem that way in comparison to these Mitsubishi TVs. What do you think?

*Another cool thing. . . I just found It's a great website that automatically scans your blog for the word "Giveaway", and all your Giveaway posts will appear in their widget and newsfeed. Since I sometimes forget to promote all my giveaways, it's great to see something that will do it automatically! All they require is that you post about it on your blog with a link to them. So whether you want to find out about all the latest giveaways or submit your own, this is a great option!

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  1. I don't understand finances or electronics either! I'm relieved to know I'm not the only one.


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