Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun Finds and Adorable Etsy Shops Alert: For New Babies!

*For photography. . .
I've gotten SO many compliments on the adorable pom pom hat Brooke was wearing in her newborn photos. Here's where I got it. . . from Ashleys HomeSpun Etsy shop (not my shop, she just happens to have the same name as me!) If you're looking for all kinds of fun hats and props for a newborn photo shoot, look no further!

Every hat is handmade and her prices are really awesome too! The pom pom hat Brooke is wearing is only $15, and you can choose your own colors! The quality of the hat is wonderful and the yarn is super soft.

*For a gorgeous, eco-friendly baby gift. . .
The Green Ostrich is an entire website completely dedicated to eco-friendly gifts. They have TONS of great stuff, not just for babies but for all aspects of your life! I received this beautiful 4-piece newborn layette set made of organic cotton. The fabric is SO soft and perfect for sensitive baby skin. It also stays soft no matter how many times you wash it. This set would make a perfect gift for any baby shower, and it's gender-neutral as well.

The Green Ostrich website is so full of great finds, like these blocks made from recycled milk cartons!
*For sleeping. . .
Anything that helps a newborn baby to sleep better and longer gets a huge gold star in my book. And swaddling definitely does it! I LOVE the Kiddopotamus velcro swaddle wraps and have been using them for all of my babies with lots of success. I also got to try out a new swaddle wrap for Brooke. . . the Woombie!

Why I like the Woombie:
*It keeps your baby's arms and hands snug and warm inside, so she won't flail around or scratch herself. But it also allows some space for her to gently stretch her limbs. It mimics the womb (hence the name!)
*The cotton is soft and breathable, and prevents overheating.
*The Woombie comes in tons of colors, and several different sizes and fabrics for warmer or cooler weather. The original Woombie sells for $25.99.
*It's the easiest thing ever to use! Just put baby inside it and zip it up!
*It's won awards from PTPA, Moms Best, and Creative Child.

Here's another swaddling option. . .
BabySewPretty is a really cute shop that sells a bunch of handmade, customized outfits for little ones. I was sent one of the handmade Swaddle Blankets to review, and it's really great! Mine doesn't have the cute bunny ears on the top like this one does (such an adorable idea, I love it!), but it does have velcro closures and makes a nice, snug swaddle for my little baby. BabySewPretty loves custom orders and can create something for you in the colors or fabrics of your choice too!

*For your baby's room (or any room where you need a nightlight!). . .
Purely Products Healthy Night Light. This is so cool. . . an air purifier and night light combined! It's an LED night light, so it only costs pennies a year to operate, and the built-in ionizer cleans the air all day and night, whether or not the light is on. It's an automatic on/off light, and cool to the touch. This is by far the coolest night light I've ever found.

It sells for $19.95 or in a 2-pack for $29.95. A portion of every purchase goes to diaperLove- a non-profit organization donating diapers to children in need. (This is a Mama Buzz review, and the product was provided by Purely Products).
*My disclaimer: I was provided with free products to write these reviews. I write honest reviews, and all opinions are my own!


  1. Thank you so much for this review :)
    I'm so happy you love your little hat. I hope to work with you again soon. :)

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