Friday, January 21, 2011

From the Mouths of My Babes

From Kirsten (age 3 1/2):
*After I told her it was time to take down all the Christmas decorations. . .
"But we need to have more parties first!"

*While catching a glimpse of the Biggest Loser weigh-in. . .
"He needs to put his clothes back on!"

*Randomly asked the other day in the car. . .
"Where's Santa? Is he wrapping presents at the North Pole?"

*After she followed my friend Carrie into the bathroom. . .
"Can I see your tushy?" (Yeah, tushies are really funny at the moment. She also shouted out, "Grinch tush!" when she saw a picture of the Grinch from the back in the original Dr. Seuss book. I never noticed it before, but it really does show his tushy!)

*After I heard a crash. . .
Me: "Kirsten, what happened?"
Kirsten: "I didn't break anything."
Me: "What did you not break?"
Kirsten: "I didn't break the snow."
I went in the other room to discover her next to a shattered snow globe.

*Tonight during dinner, when she really wanted a popsicle. . .
"I finished all my chicken!"
And what was on the floor under her chair? Every single piece of chicken. Where does she learn this stuff???

From Natalie (age 21 months):
*She just started to nod her head and say yes. But instead of yes, she says "mmm-hmm!"
*Her very favorite sound effect. . . "Ho ho ho!" in the cutest voice possible
*When she needs a drink. . . "I want wa!"
*The one-syllable names are popular with her right now. Daddy is "Da!" Grandpa is "Pa!" Kitties are "Key!"
*Said while she has an entire fist full of snacks. . . "More?"

From Brooke (age 2 months):
*Laughs!!! Oh my gosh, tiny little baby laughs for no apparent reason are the best!
*Big smiles! That photograph only captures a half smile. Her smiles are huge!

I need to write these down more often. I've already forgotten so many!


  1. I love reading all the cute things kids say! Thanks for sharing! I have a separate blog for both of my kids that just has all the cute things that they say! It's so funny to go back and read them all every once in a while!

  2. I love the--kid quotes are the best! Sometimes Kaia will say something that makes me laugh and then ask, "Why are you laughing, Mommy?"


  3. Let me see your tushy---hahahahahahaa!!! That is hilarious! Just wait till she tries to sneak her food to the garbage can!

  4. Those Kirsten quotes are totally funny! Especially since she asked me the tushy one. No worries. I made an excuse and didn't show her. I don't make a habbit of mooning children.

  5. Very cute! I think it's so important to remember the cute things that your kids say.

    Brooke is getting big!

  6. Hilarious!!!! What adorable cutie pies!

  7. Thanks for the smiles this morning before I head out the door in the cold to work! lol I just love the funny things kids come up with! I love the one - I did Not break the snow. :)

  8. Kids say the cutest things! Brooke is adorable!

  9. My daughter is 18 months and in the yes stage only now she says "yup"...
    me: Kaylyn can you recite the declaration of independence?" her:"yup!"
    and randomly from no where..."E-I-E-I-O!"

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