Monday, October 18, 2010

Fabulous Finds: Shout Laundry Products and 52 Nature Activities!

I don't know any moms who could live without some great laundry stain removal products. They seriously are a lifesaver! I just hate that feeling of putting an adorable new outfit on your cute little girl only to have juice stains and food stains all over it five minutes later. And you know it happens, all the time. I've been using Shout Trigger for quite awhile now, and it works great! I love being able to just spray it on the clothes and stick them in the washer, without any soaking required. Since I don't have a sink in my laundry room, it's nice to not have to take up another of my household sinks for soaking.
A new product I recently got to review is the Shout Advanced Ultra Gel for Heavy-Duty Stains. I love the built-in rubber brush on the top, so you can rub the thick gel right into the stain and really get the marks out of clothing. And my favorite thing about it. . . you can pre-treat it and wash it up to a week later. Nice!

Shout has developed a really cool initiative for fall: The Go Play initiative! Shout is all about educating parents on the benefits of unstructured play and wants to inspire families to get outdoors and play. It's nice knowing you can go outside and get messy without worrying about stains ruining the clothes, since Shout will be able to get the stains out. :)

Fall is my very favorite time of the year! I'm thankful that so far in Seattle we've had a really gorgeous October, with lots of crisp, cool and sunny days that have allowed us to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather before winter gloom sets in. Here are a few of my favorite fall outdoor activities to do with my kids:

*Go to a pumpkin patch!
*Pet some farm animals. Tons of farms have fall festivals around this time of year, and my kids just love petting the animals.
*If you have a yard (wishing we did!), rake up a big pile of fall leaves and go jump into them!
*Pick apples or berries, whatever's in season where you live.
*Go on a gorgeous drive to see all the fall leaves changing!

For some more creative ideas, Growing Tree Toys (one of my very favorite sources for learning toys for all ages) sent me a fun little pack of cards to review called "52 Nature Activities." They're a great small size to fit into your purse or diaper bag, and you can take them with you to the park or out into nature. The games, activities, and art projects are going to inspire you to use nature more creatively!
What are your favorite outdoor fall activities?

My disclaimer: I received some Shout products for free in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated, and all opinions are mine!


  1. You have great fall ideas! I wish we lived closer! I could see our kids having a lot of fun together! Make sure to let us know if you're ever in Iowa. We have a big yard with LOTS of leaves right now!

  2. We haven't made it to the Pumpkin Patch yet, but I keep telling my husband we need to take our daughter there! Let's hope we make it before Halloween! lol


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