Saturday, October 23, 2010

Down Home at the Country Fair!

I am by no means a redneck, in fact I'm much more of a city girl than a farm girl. I love trying out new restaurants, going to big-running theater shows, shopping, city lights, and excitement! I have an intense dislike for all of the following things:
~Large birds, including but not limited to: chickens, geese, roosters, and turkeys
~That farm animal/barnyard smell
~Pulling weeds, shucking corn, and gardening in general (yes, I grew up doing a lot of these things)

I'd rather have a forest in my yard than a vegetable garden. I've never milked a cow before, and don't feel the need to add that to my list of life must-do's. However, I do happen to LOVE. . .

Country fairs, demolition derbys, and rodeos!!! LOVE them!!! Not many things are more fun or all-American than those three things.

So, our family headed to the Evergreen State Fair while it was running for some good old-fashioned country fair FUN!!! Sadly, we did not get to see a Demolition Derby or a Rodeo that day.
But we DID see a sheriff riding a giant chicken. . .

We petted some farm animals, and of course the kids loved them. . .

We ate fresh-cut french fries, hot dogs, and caramel-dipped apples for dinner. . .

We spent a ridiculous amount of money on ride tickets, even though we discovered Kirsten wasn't tall enough to ride the rough and dangerous ferris wheel. . . (At least she loved the merry-go-round! Always a safe bet!)

She also got to ride something by herself for the first time ever. . .

Got my pregnant self refused admittance onto the 2 mph kiddie train. . . (seriously, I couldn't ride! Stephen had to ride it with her instead!)

Succumbed to the demands of a 3 year-old who wanted to exchange her balloon animal for a different balloon animal every time we walked past the vendor stand. . .

And had a really fun time overall! It may not be anything close to the Del Mar Fair in San Diego (best. fair. EVER.) but it was big enough to keep us occupied for a few hours and empty our wallets of cash, while still small enough for the young kids and pregnant people to not get too exhausted. I'd call that a successful family outing!


  1. SO cute! Love these pictures! The Sherrif on the chicken is CRAZY, haha! Funny, I just posted about life in the country. But honestly, I miss the city SOOOOOOOOOO much!!! I never knew I was such a city girl till I was plunged into country isolation. WOW!

  2. Hi Ashley,
    Thank you for the follow. Your newest follower here, nice to meet you. Also your newest Liker on Facboook. You have a lovely blog! Digna

  3. So fun! So excited for that new baby to come - what a great photo of you with that chicken sheriff! --Definitely a keeper! I think the whole city/country loving seems to skip generations :)

  4. I love the country more than the city, but live in the suburbs! Life is what you make it.
    loved the pictures and looks like everyone had fun!

  5. I love country fairs, too! But I also love urban street festivals. That being said, I don't think I enjoy either one as much as I did a few years ago, mainly because of the crowds. More and more, I like peace, space, quiet, so I guess I might turn into a full-fledged country gal after all. But like you, I don't have milking cows on my list of to-do's! Ha ha! Great post!
    PS Too bad they wouldn't let your daughter ride the ferris wheel! Maybe next year!

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