Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Top 10 Late Pregnancy Lifesavers!

One month left! Now that I am way into my third trimester, I thought this edition of Tuesday Top 10 should be about the top 10 things I cannot live without right now! These things literally do save my life. . .

1. Tums Smoothies- I think regular Tums are so gross and taste just like chalk, so I was thrilled to discover that the Tums Smoothies taste like candy! And they work so well too. I take them before bed so I don't get leg cramps or heartburn during the night. I used to take 2 before bed, but then I had bad leg cramps one night, so now I take 4!
2. A great husband! Every very pregnant girl needs somebody to bring them stuff when they already got all settled into a chair or couch and then realize they forgot something. He brings me ice water refills, chapstick, ice cream. . . you name it!
3. A body pillow. I sleep with one of these between my legs every night and it definitely helps to relieve lower back pain.
4. A DVR with a great line-up of shows to watch! My favorites right now are American Idol, Survivor, and Amazing Race.
5. Really comfy drawstring pants and pajama pants. Gosh, I wish I could get away with wearing these things everywhere! Maternity pants are just so uncomfortable.
6. A fridge with ice and water dispensers in the door! It makes it so much easier to refill my water cup a ton of times a day.
7. Chocolate. Of all kinds!
8. Flip-flops! My feet thankfully aren't too puffy and I can still fit into all my regular shoes, but flip-flops are by far the comfiest.
9. A great recliner chair! I love sinking into our chair at the end of the day and not getting out for awhile. Kirsten even loved this chair when she was really little!
10. A due date in the spring. I've never had a due date at any other time (Kirsten was born in May, and this baby will be born in April), but I'm convinced it's the perfect time. I'm not pregnant in extreme heat, and I'm not slipping along on wintry roads towards the end of my pregnancy either.


  1. Amen!

    Glad you're staying fairly comfortable- good luck these last few weeks!

  2. Yummy! Tums Smoothies. I love them, too! FAR better than the regulars. Oh, and I love Amazing Race, too...and TiVo...and comfy pants and flip-flops and easy chairs...

    Nice, I'm not even pregnant.

  3. Only one month left! You can do it!

    And there are great shows on TV right now, aren't there? Good thing you can just sit in your reclining chair and be distracted from all of your discomfort!

  4. I can't believe you only have a month left! So exciting!! I love the pants. I'm not pregnant, but I think those pants are must haves for everyone!

  5. AMEN to the chocolate but that is perfect ANY DAY!!! And yes, Tums Smoothies SAVED me!!! They're so amazing, like really big Smarties!!! I LOOOOOOOOVED them!!! And the body pillow, flip flops, PJ pants...hey I'm not pregnant and all those are already in my top 10...I'm in trouble!!! HAHA! :)

  6. Those are pretty much non-pregnant lifesavers for me! The countdown is on!!

  7. Love that picture of your cutie in the recliner. Adorable. Yeah, those are all definitely good items to have during the last trimester. So uncomfortable otherewise.

  8. What a fun and TRUE post! I lived on Tums and chocolate during my last trimester too! I've never tried Tums smoothies though.

  9. Awhhh man now I wanna be pregnant and pampered. LOL! Almost done chica! :)


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