Monday, March 30, 2009

Stephen's Birthday!

Stephen turned 29 last week! It's officially his last year until he's 30. I tell him that to make him feel old, but it doesn't really work. :) I made him a Texas Sheet cake like he wanted, and does anybody recognize the sign I made from The Office? Dwight made it for Kelly's birthday when he was on the party planning committee. "It Is Your Birthday." Nice, huh?
We didn't do a whole lot for his birthday, because his main birthday present came a couple of weeks ago when we saw Lion King on the stage here in Seattle. It was AMAZING!!! I had seen it before, but Stephen hadn't. We had seriously awesome seats too, which just made the show even better. I always loved it, but it seemed even more spectacular to me this time! The costumes, dancing, and songs are just so incredible and I never wanted it to end.

We also went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse before the show for the first time. Talk about an amazing steak! It was pure perfection on a plate. So Stephen had a really awesome birthday, except that it was a couple weeks before his actual birthday. :)
Anyway. . . Happy Birthday Stephen! I love you so much!


  1. i want to see it! jealous..
    lion king is one of my childhood favorites!

  2. So fun! I love the Office! Your sign was awesome! I want to do that for Chris' birthday next month. Haha. Good job!

  3. wow!!!! i bet the Lion King was TO DIE FOR!!!!!! i can just imagine the music filling the room! :)


    and YEP... he will be joining us in the Over The Hill club when he turns 30! :) ha haaaa!

  4. Oooo, happy birthday!!! Enjoy the last year before you become an OLD MAN Stephen, haha!! :) Love "the office" sign!!!

  5. texas sheet cake? Mmmm... sounds delicious. how do you make it?

  6. one of these days, Ashley... you are gonna have to take me on some of your Adventures!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. "It is your birthay, period" HAHAH Love it.

  8. Love your birthday sign! I love The Office...


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