Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Thoughts On the Bachelor Finale

Okay, so I was hoping that Jason would pick Melissa. He did, and we all got to see the happy little moment with the whole family in the pool and everyone smiling and optimistic. I found myself getting all optimistic too, hoping they would really be happy together. However, I knew something weird was going to go down because of all the hype about the 'After the Final Rose' private show. Sure enough, the drama all came out. . . Jason decided to break up with Melissa because they "weren't right for each other" and he wanted to give it a shot with Molly instead.

Wow. It most definitely was dramatic. As I watched, I felt really bad for Melissa and just confused that Jason could do something like that to someone he said he was completely in love with just a few weeks before. However, it's hard for me to know who to side with just because we don't know everything that's happened between the two shows. Maybe he found out something about Melissa that she had been hiding, maybe it had something to do with her family, and it could have been a very valid reason for him to break up with her. I wish we knew the REAL reason, but he probably didn't want it to get all over the media out of respect for Melissa. So, who knows??? If he really did just "change his mind" then I do think he's a jerk and doesn't deserve to be happy with Molly either. But if there's a good reason, then maybe he was right to break things off with Melissa now rather than later. I wish we knew the whole truth!

I really want to hear what other people think of this too! If you watched it, please leave a comment!


  1. I was L.I.V.I.D. last night after watching. I agree that some deep, dark secret could've come out - but don't you think he would've hinted at that? "Sorry, I fell out of love with you" is basically all he said. The way he was with Molly immediately after ending things with Melissa is super telling of the kind of man he really is, I think. I wanted them to be happy, too :( Sad.

    Boo for Jason.

  2. i did not watch this season, but ended up watching last night. So i have no background on the people involved, but felt so badly for the girls last night. And for the host having to sit there during all the drama. It was a serious train wreck.

  3. Alright this is my 2 cents... I too felt all the emotions...except I felt when his mom said, you have one who is career oriented an one who is ready to be a family oriented... then to have De Anna show up and she basically told him she went for the wild card/fun instead of picking him... I could see how his loyally for Ty and the family quickly started to went to Melissa. He showed pain when Molly left.
    I wish we knew what had happened in between...since they did spend the holidays and so much time together. It made me wonder why Melissa (whom I thought was wonderful) is always the dumpee?

    I still like Jason and feel he went with his heart... I feel the producers handled it all wrong for Melissa though. Hopefully she or Jillian will come back as the bachelorette.

    I am sure glad my parents didn't pick who I married and our kids chose their eternal partners!


  4. and we think girls are 'drama' ..he showed us why things get so complicated sometimes. i TOTALLY agree with what you're saying. my opinion exactly.

  5. Jerk, Jerk, JERK!!!! I can't wait to see what tonights debacle brings!

  6. I could not believe what I was watching! I would have to agree with you. I think that there has to be something else going on to why he broke up with Melissa. I just feel bad for her. I wished that he had done it before the After the Rose show out of respect to Melissa instead of catching her off guard and doing it in front of millions of people. I will be interested in seeing if things really do work out between him and Molly. If they do, then it was definitely a good decision on his part. If not, then he is just a jerk.

  7. I've heard that it was all the producers. They made him pick Melissa, then planned to have him dump her ON TV and get back with Molly. You'd think this would make me feel better about Jason, but what kind of GOOD MAN would go along with that?!? And if they really DID stage it, they should've had him run after the limo!! I've always wanted to see a guy chase after the girl he's just eliminated, crying for them not to go, that's he's changed his mind. Now THAT would be good TV!

    But if it wasn't the producers, here's what I think he was thinking: He said early on that Melissa reminded him of his ex, and DeAnna. Basically, she's the kind of girl that he's attracted to, but is ultimately not good for him. When DeAnna came back and he started talking about one who was everything he was looking for, and another who was more of a wild-card, I thought *Molly* was what he wanted and *Melissa* was the wildcard. When it was actually flipped. Then his mom's like, "Molly's got a career. Melissa's ready to be a mom." Basically, everyone's telling him to pick Melissa. He loves her, to a degree. He hasn't done a great job picking women for himself, so maybe he should listen to everyone else. So he picks Melissa.

    He dumps Molly, and is torn to bits. Didn't realize how much he loved her till she was gone. They really were/are better together. He felt more passionately for her. Probably also thought she was more of a risk, and he didn't want to get hurt. But now.....he wants to "live for today."

    I still think it was scummy to do it on TV. Loved Melissa's reaction. Even in the limo. I'm just mad that Jason's gone from the best, sweetest Bachelor ever to a skeezy guy who can't make up his mind. Even if it was the producer's fault.

    I hope Jillian is the next Bachelorette. She was my fave all along.

  8. Wow, you are really nice about this! I was so mad I wanted to cry. I thought it was so low and so wrong! Especially when he said that he realized that all we have is now so he wants to live "in the moment" with Molly. WEIRD!! No wonder the guy got divorced...commitment issues! But your right, if there is more then you have to kinda understand. I liked Melissa so much, it just made me sad!

  9. Ya I was pretty shocked too but after Chris and I talked about it a little bit, we decided that it was good he was honest with Melissa. I mean it sucked that he dumped her on national TV...but at least he was honest about it. I always thought that Molly was a better fit for him than Melissa. So I hope things work out for them, everyone just needs to be happy.
    I agree with "Wonder Woman": I hope Gillian (I don't know how she spells it) becomes the next Bachelorette. That would be cool.

  10. i haven't ever watched "The Bachelor" so i don't know what to say :)


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