Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Ho Ho Ho!"

Kirsten made me laugh so hard today! I was watching American Idol with her (she loves that show!). On the little video blurb about each contestant's life, we saw Alexis Grace's dad, who is really large and looks like an old hippie with long, flowing blonde hair. He doesn't have a beard, but Kirsten apparently saw some resemblance to Santa Clause because she said "Ho ho ho!" I busted up laughing! Kirsten was so delighted that she made me laugh that she kept saying "Ho ho" for the rest of the afternoon. She is a funny girl, that's for sure!

Now I'm just waiting for the day when she'll say "Ho ho ho" to a real person who she thinks looks like Santa. I would die!

It's been tough to get pictures of Kirsten lately, because she won't smile for a camera or sit still long enough to pose anymore. But here are a few we got at the Seattle Aquarium with her a couple of weeks ago:
She's such a little monkey. She climbs all over everything!

Another Kirsten crack-me-up phrase is this one: "Oh gross!" She picked that up from me, when I change her worst diapers. Now she says it for me!

Her talking has really taken off lately. She's been repeating tons of new words, and it's really fun!


  1. Isn't it so much fun when they start talking - The whole process kind of amazes me. I took Caleb in to get pictures and he just scowled at the lady. Tough age!

  2. How fun! I love that she recognized him as Santa! And the "Oh Gross" made me totally laugh! Love it!

  3. haha, Lilly has been anti-camera for a little while too...I hate it! But that is so awesome that Kirsten is talking more!!! It's so cute hearing their little voices speak up more and more!

  4. I remember that guy, and he did look like Santa! Or the Santa that got sidetracked and stayed at Woodstock. ;)

    Kirsten's at such a fun age. Picking up all kinds of words and expressions. I love toddlers!

  5. We're thinking of going to the aquarium this weekend! I can't wait. T Junior, on the other hand, has no idea it exists. :)

  6. She is precious! Might I suggest you write these expressions down. They do say the darndest things and you think you won't forget but sadly we do...

    She is adorable!

  7. aaaw.. she is so cute! dontcha love it when they start talking?!!?

  8. Ah, yes... My older kids have both yelled out, "SANTA!" to the innocent, white-haired, big bellied strangers they come across. And yeah - it's embarrassing. Big time. ;) But all part of the fun of mommy-ing! I loved your "oh gross" - SO funny!

  9. She's still saying "oh gross" whenever I change a yucky diaper.


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