Saturday, April 23, 2011

We've Got Winners!

THANK YOU to everyone who enters my giveaways, I appreciate it more than you know! Here are a whole bunch of brand new lucky winners. . .

~Winners of the new Strawberry Shortcake DVD 'Puttin On the Glitz' are. . . #127 and #68!
strawberry said... The fabric I would choose is Soft, certified organic cotton flannel. From Swaddle Designs.
AmberFaith said... I follow Kidorable on Twitter.

~Winner of the Pawparazzi Gift Set is. . . #1!
Kerri said.. I follow you on GFC

~Winner of the Harper Hat from Tweetlebug Boutique is. . . #54!
Hillcrest Acres said... From Kidorable, I would pick the Ladybug Umbrella

~Winner of the Kidorable Umbrella is. . . #37!
Kim and Corey Nasfell said... I LOVE the "kiwi paisleys" fabric!!

~Winner of the Ultimate Receiving Blanket from Swaddle Designs is. . . #164!
ZoeLynnandCo. said... I swaddled my 2 kids with swaddle design blankets up until about 3 months. Really the only blanket big enough to really get them swaddled tightly and stays put!!!

~Winner of the $20 gift certificate to Flowerz In Her Hair is. . . #12!
Chris and Carrie Elmore said... I follow your blog.

~Winner of the $35 gift certificate to Expressiva Nursingwear is. . . #20!
Rachel said... Signed up for the Expressiva email list

~Winner of the Stride panties is. . . #61!
sarahespn said.. So glad to have found your blog! Now following! Love your little girls. So very cute. We have two of our own I think close in age to yours. So much fun. Now following!

~Winner of the Maternity Socks from Preggers is. . . #55!
The Knapps said... I'm a new GFC Follower and expecting my first baby this year :)

~Winner of the $35 gift certificate to Milk Nursingwear is. . . #18!
Eliza said... I follow you and like you on facebook. My favorite would be the milk nursingwear. I'd get this: Sleeveless babydoll nursing top in blue print.

~Winner of the $25 gift certificate to Totables is. . . #23!
jhitomi said... new gfc follower as jhb

~Winner of the Manhattan Toy Bonnie Bunny doll is. . . #40!
Kat said...I'd spend the GC from My Baby Clothes Boutique on the following:
Pink and Brown Pettiskirt

~Winner of the personalized Sandra Boynton board book is. . . #74!
deanna said... pintsize productions fave: Customizable
Are You a Cow? Board Book by Sandra Boynton

~Winner of the $25 gift certificate to My Baby Clothes Boutique is. . . #47!
Becca said... I'd be most excited to win the my baby clothes giveaway~!

~Winner of the $20 gift certificate to Sweet Bitty Bows is. . . #102!
AJ and Summer said... I liked Manhattan Toys on FB

~Winner of the Rock-a-Thigh socks from Baby Bella is. . . #52!
tricityty said... I liked you on FB

Nothing like winning free stuff to brighten up your day! :)


  1. i was just saying to someone that i never win anything! tadah!

  2. WOW!! Congrats to all your winners!

  3. Congrats to all the winners! A lot of people will be happy today! :)

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