Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ready For A Vacation!

*My parents are flying into Seattle tomorrow and then Stephen and I get to leave early on Thursday morning (6:45 am flight! Yikes!!!) to head to NYC! I'm soooooo ready for this break. Kirsten has been on a vicious cycle of bad sleep lately, and it's been rough. She wakes up crying a couple of times during the night, and today she refused to take a nap at all! Bad nights' sleep + no nap = fussy, tired Kirsten who whines and moans all day. And the cycle just continues. Every brilliant activity I come up with to keep her busy during the day just results in her being entertained for about 5 minutes and then fussing some more and crying at me. I don't know what else to do!!!

*Did you know that Delta now charges $15 per checked bag? It shows how long it's been since I last flew Delta. Last time I flew with them, you could check TWO bags per person for free! Looks like me and Stephen will be combining our stuff into one checked bag for sure.

*The nurse from the OB's office called me about the results of my glucose test I took last week. She left a message, and I called back but she was away from her desk. So I'm still waiting to talk to her, but it makes me nervous because the doctor did tell me that no news is good news from that test and they'll call me if I have to come in and take a longer version of the test. So. . . this can't be a good thing that she called me. I really don't want to get my blood drawn again. I still have a massive bruise on my arm from the last one!

*I found the most amazing deal on a coat from Gap Maternity. Originally $108, it was on final sale on their website for $23! It will be perfect for New York. I just hope it gets here on time! I tracked it and it's scheduled to arrive at my door tomorrow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I think it's really cute and it looks SO warm!
*I also ordered this cute black maternity dress. $13!!! What a steal!
*And I got this cardigan in navy blue for $10! I'm so excited for my box to arrive!
*Thanks so much for all the great suggestions and ideas for New York City! My biggest problem is going to be wanting to do it ALL and being held back by time and money constraints. But I'm sure it will be a fabulous trip and I'm so excited!!!


  1. Love the clothes, hope the test results are okay, and have a GREAT trip!

  2. Have a great trip! Sorry I haven't been by for a few work has been crazy busy! ♥ Hugs :)

  3. I had to take the 2nd glucose test when I was pregnant w/ Lincoln, and I can't lie... it sucked! I won't go into details, but it just sucked. But everything turned out fine, my glucose levels were just barely above normal so they were required to do it. You probably have nothing to worry about.
    Have fun in NYC!!! I love that place. You guys will totally love it too!

  4. CUTE cute clothes! I'm excited for your trip to NYC -- Wow, that's going to be fun! Hopefully when you get back, Kirsten will be back to sleeping better. :)

  5. That jacket is so awesome!!! And so is that dress! You'll be sad to dump those in a box in a few weeks! And really?! $15 to check bags now!? How lame. You're gonna have so much fun in NYC, I want to hitchhike in your $15 checked bag! :)

  6. Cute clothes! I love a bargain. Hope you have the best time. You should fly Southwest. We don't charge for two bags and my hubby could be your pilot ; )

  7. Have a great time in <3 NY!!!! Cool clothes tooo! What a great deal on that Jacket!!!

  8. love the clothes that should be a fun pkg to get!!!

  9. Lucky you and Stephen,

    We fly in JFK last October for a layover and that is the only time I have been there.
    I think I goofed. I always think Grand Canyon is in our state...
    HEEHEE and later yesterday I realised it must the picture of the fall might have been taken by our son when they hiked down to the bottom of the GC and spent a few nights last summer. The pictures are all together. It was placed at the top I talked about alot of the other parks.... I haven't been to all the rest. Opps.:)

    Ashley, I hope you have a wonderful time and Kirsten is good for your parents. Your deals were wonderful:) Does she have an ear infection? Our little one did and was acting the same way.
    Delta does charge 15 per bag. we always fly Delta. My husband is Gold Medallion and so his are free to check.
    Good luck with your glucose testing...I hope you are just done!


  10. I hope you can sleep in late and have breakfast in bed. What fun. It sounds like you need this time. Bless your parents for being willing to help out. m

  11. Interview Questions. I couldn't find an email.
    1. What are the top ten items you would want to do on your ‘Bucket List’? ( Or before you die)

    2. With all the books you've read which one is your absolute favorite, besides the Bible?

    3. Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life?

    4. What would you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

    5. If you could be doing anything, what would it be ?

    Bonus questions!!!

    6. How did you meet your husband?
    7. What brings you Joy?

    I can't wait to learn more about you. As you know, I already love your blog and lost all my Blog list last month and I am slowly getting them all back! I am so glad you left a comment again:)


  12. Great finds.!! That black maternity dress is so beautiful and affordable too.

  13. What a dream come true, just to get away for a few days. Hope you get/got to catch up on some rest!
    I also had to do the longer version of the blood test with my last pregnancy. No fun. But, I suppose there could be worse things. Good luck!!

  14. Hello!
    I also bruise on blood tests...
    It is because of small veins that love to hide.
    Tips that sometimes help:
    Drink lots of water before getting
    your blood drawn.
    IF you find someone that doesn't bruise you, find out when they are working when you get it done the next time...
    I was able to go to the Gettysburg Museum in L.A. I loved the art work!
    Have fun on your trip!
    Can't wait to see pictures!
    Love always,

  15. Are you back from NYC? That's so awesome that you guys got a "together" vacation! I'm so jealous. Plus, it's totally fun to get clothes for a hip vaca. Cute steals you got!

    Also, I have been meaning to tell you congratulations on kiddo No. 2!!!!


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