Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Three in New York City!

Our last full day in New York City was so awesome! We started the day off by heading to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where I have wanted to go for a very long time. It did not disappoint! The place is massive, and it would take you days and days to see it all. Since we only had several hours to spend there, we had to skip a large majority and just pick certain collections to go see. We started in the Egyptian Wing. It was amazing!

If you click on the picture below to see it close up, just look at how cute those Egyptian characters are. Especially the caterpillar near the bottom with the antennas!
One of the American wings was closed down, so we didn't get to see the huge painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware. That was a bummer! But we did see some American landscape paintings from the Hudson River School of painters that I have studied before and loved. They were beautiful!

Thomas Cole. . . so gorgeous!

One of my favorite sections (just like the other art museum) was the 19'th Century and Impressionism wing. It was SO huge too! Here are just a few of the beautiful paintings we saw:

I loved these two by Monet.

This still-life was painted by Van Gogh, and I thought it was stunning!

I really love this Van Gogh painting. I've seen it before, at a museum in London, but I just found out that the one in London is a reproduction and the original is the one in New York.
By the time we got to the European paintings section we were getting museum burn-out and tired from all the walking and standing, which was a shame because I did really want to see those paintings. Too bad I didn't have one more day there!

That afternoon we hopped on our boat tour around the Statue of Liberty. I loved it, and we got some of our best views and best pictures on the tour! We had a guide who told us all about it, and it was so cool that it was included with our double-decker bus tour. Even though Sunday was a warmer day, it was still really cold on that boat. The wind there is so frigid!!!

I love this view of the skyline, including the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.
One of the guys who works on the boat was taking pictures for everyone, which was great! So we got some of us together.
The light was especially gorgeous, as the sun was just starting to set when we got on the boat at 4:30. I love this picture I got!
I thought it was so cool that the boat docked near the Statue of Liberty so we could get some good pictures, and even played patriotic music over the loudspeakers. The music really gave a nice touch to the whole experience! It was awesome to finally see the Statue of Liberty in person.

And here I am with all of Brooklyn behind me, and of course the Brooklyn Bridge. This boat tour was such a great thing to do on our last evening in the city!


  1. You are such a cute pregnant lady!

  2. How flippin' fun!! You got some great photos -- love that one of the Statue of Liberty at sundown. Gorgeous. I'm so glad you chose NYC and had such a great time!

  3. Your trip is looking SO fun!!! Look at all the amazing things you're seeing - I'm jealous! :)

  4. I found your blog through another friends blog. Just had to comment on your photos. LOVE the statue of liberty. Looks like you had fun.


  5. SOOOO fun! Glad you had a great time!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Come visit my blog I have a surprise for you! ♥ Hugs :)

  7. This trip looks like it was so much fun. I can't wait to read the food post. You make me want to go to New York!

  8. Such AWESOME pictures!!! I love the one with your cute pregnant tummy!!! And wow, the Statue of Liberty looks incredible!!! That is so fun that you got to do that!!!!


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