Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wish Valentine's Day could always be as fun as it was when we were in Elementary School.

Seriously, wasn't that just the best? We got a party that lasted all afternoon, tons of candy, chocolate, cupcakes, and other sugary goodness, and more valentines than we could keep up with! I remember making special mailboxes or pouches to put all our valentines in, and then we got to walk around the room delivering them to everyone while keeping an eye on our own box slowly filling up. I also remember buying the box of valentines and deciding who would get the two or three big, special valentines that came in each box. I used to carefully go through the whole box and hand-pick the ones I thought were dumb to give to the kids I didn't like so much. I also gave those kids only one piece of candy in their envelopes, while the people I liked the best got their envelopes stuffed with candy. It was awesome! I miss elementary school. I wish I could still have recess, field trips, hand-packed lunches, folders with fun characters on them, and Valentine's day parties. That was the life!!!

At least I got a beautiful bouquet of roses and a box of See's chocolates to console myself with. That does help, a lot! Thank you Stephen!!!

Here are some pictures of my cute Valentine baby from last year. This year, she didn't get a Valentine outfit and she's not so easy to pose for cute pictures. But I still love you so much, Kirsten and Stephen and unborn baby! You all make Valentines day special for me!

Happy Valentine's day to everyone!!!


  1. I remember doing the same thing with my Valentines. So funny. I know I always say this, but your little girl is just adorable.

  2. I remember reading the boys Valentine's extra careful...cause I didn't want them thinking I liked icky boys. LOL! Kirsten is so cute!

  3. Sorry that I have been MIA on your blog. But I am back and ready to comment! I still remember those pictures of Kirsten! She is so beautiful. I hope to meet her the next time you are done here. Happy Valentine's Day you pretty pregnant mommy!

  4. Yes, Happy Valentines! :)

    I don't know Ashley -- That cute little outfit sure would pass as a "cute Valentine outfit" at my house. :) I guess I'll have to check out last year's entry to see what she's missing. She's such a cutie!!!

  5. Oh wait. My bad. Those WERE from last year! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry - long day. :)

  6. My girls were busting at the seems on V-day. (Except Rachel's class had a 'heart healthy' V-day, with healthy snacks and excercise, and of course cards - lame!) It was always my favorite day as the teacher. I thought some of my students were so smart - they wouldn't put "To:" names on the cards so then they couldn't be held accountable if it was a mushy card or a lame one. I wish I'd thought of that because I seriously remember stressing over who got which cards.

  7. I know, it was so fun having Vday in school and all the fun cards. It's really cute watching Savanna do it now though and how excited she got! I can't believe how much Kirsten has grown in a year! What a cutie!


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