Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Two in New York City!

Who can guess where we went on our New York City Saturday? Anyone who's seen Night At the Museum will recognize that statue. :) We went to the American Museum of Natural History! It was such a cool place!
It's located right next to Central Park, so we took the bus tour to that point and then got off at the museum. We had a good time wandering around all the exhibits and seeing an Imax show called Wild Ocean.
Stephen thought all the dinosaur skeletons they had were awesome.

I loved the animal rooms. Don't these look SO real? They were all stuffed and behind glass walls.

It was a fun museum and I'm really glad we spent some time there. All the New York City kids who get to go there on school field trips are lucky! That would be such a great place for a field trip.

We hopped back on our double-decker bus after the museum and continued our tour of Uptown New York. We drove through Harlem and wow, was it different from Manhattan! From 'Home Boy Jewelry' to tons of booths selling Obama stuff, everything was marketed towards black people. It looked a little scary to us, even though the tour guide assured everyone that Harlem is a really safe area now.

Cool fact we learned on that bus tour: I guess in a survey of all major US cities, the longest lifespan was actually for New York City residents. It must be all that exercise and walking New Yorkers do! I was definitely feeling it after our weekend there. We walked a ton!
We had to stop that afternoon at FAO Schwartz and we bought a toy for Kirsten. We thought this statue made of jelly beans was so cool!
We ate a really yummy dinner that night, but I'm going to do a whole separate post about New York City food! Our adventures will continue shortly. . .


  1. Everything looks so much fun!! I really need to visit! My boys are loving the pics from the museum. they would love that place.

  2. Oh the fun! the pictures look so awesome!

  3. That is so awesome :)
    and i love that statue in the first picture!!!!! I love that movie and one of my favorite lines is when that Statue is saying that he wants GUM GUM! :)


  4. I'm visiting from Trying to Stay Calm to wish you Happy Birthday!
    Your trip to NY looks wonderful and your pictures look good enough to print and frame!

  5. I LOVE that statue!!! What fun museums!!! And that Jelly Bean Nut Cracker, WOW! I would've had to taste it, hehe!!!


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