Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is going to be a completely random post. But how else am I going to talk about everything I want to talk about on here? Okay, I won't talk about everything. I'll trim it down to a list. Yes, a list will be much more manageable to write and to read. Here goes. . .

Stuff #1: So I guess this baby is a girl. That's what the ultrasound technician said. It took her a really long time to get any kind of visual, and she didn't get a clear shot. But she said she's leaning towards girl. This is the first time I didn't get a very definite answer from my ultrasound. The first time I left feeling confused. The first time I left feeling kind of disappointed.

I totally shouldn't say that. I'm happy to be having this baby, and of course I will love and adore a third girl just as much as my other two girls. It just doesn't make sense to me. My other two pregnancies were SO similar to each other, and this one has been completely different. I've felt different, craved different things, been a LOT less sick. . . I thought that had to mean I was having a boy this time! I was ready to go out and start buying boy clothes. And now I have to change my whole way of thinking about this pregnancy. I wanted to have another girl eventually. I just thought right now was my time to have a boy.

Growing up, I longed to have sisters, and I always felt jealous of families who had three girls. I never got a sister. . . but I guess I'm getting a good amount of daughters instead! Isn't it funny how sometimes we get what we wanted, but in ways and times we never expected to?

My doctor can check again at my next appointment in a few weeks, and try to get some more conclusive evidence. But I'm going to start thinking of this baby as a girl. I will definitely keep everyone updated if anything changes!

Stuff #2: To change the subject entirely (well, that's what random posts are for, right?), I have a new favorite to add to my Bachelorette boys. Frank! I thought he and Ali were SUPER cute together on their one-on-one date, and their chemistry and attraction were great. He made me smile on the very first episode, and he does even more now! Got to add him to my favorites and I hope he's around for a long time! Anybody agree with me?

Stuff #3: Ever since we got back from our trip, we have been having the rainiest weather in Seattle! May has been much rainier than February or March were! I love the rain (LOVE it), but I will admit that I'm ready for our cool, mild, sunny weather that's perfect to go outside in. That's the kind of weather we normally get in May and June. Bring on the sunshine and the not very hot temperatures, please! I'm ready! (In a few weeks we will probably get a massive heat wave here and I will regret wishing away our rain).

Stuff #4: Since we're going to be staying close to home for a good portion of the summer and I'm still fairly new to the area (LOTS of stuff still to be explored), I made a list of Seattle Summer Must-Do's and I'm excited about it! My list has 52 things on it, and we'll see how many I can get through this summer. So far I've crossed off one. . . for Memorial day we went to the Seattle Folklife Festival. We got some food and hung out around the International Fountain, and then headed into the Pacific Science Center to play with the kids and see the new Shrek movie. Kirsten was very excited to see the "Shrek movie show." I wasn't sure if the 3D Imax thing would be too much for her, but she did great! She thought it was awesome to wear the special movie glasses and she enjoyed it a lot!

Stuff #5: Sorry this had to go in the middle of a random post, but. . . Happy 5-year anniversary to me and Stephen! Our anniversary was on Friday, and we went out to a delicious dinner and a movie. He's such a great husband! I hope our next 5 years are even BETTER than the first 5 have been!

Stuff #6: Hands-down, the winner of the BEST brownie box mix in the world is Ghirardelli! Homemade brownies don't even hold a candle to them. They are delicious! Go buy a box and make yourself some, especially if you haven't tried them before. And then don't ever go back to Betty Crocker.

Stuff #7: I really have been wanting to learn how to quilt. I need to find a good beginner's quilting class that I can go to. I should have just had my mom teach me. She makes awesome quilts! I still love my cross-stitching, but I'm running out of wall space. Quilts will be next!

Stuff #8: Does anybody else think the New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii is a really tough game? Stephen and I have been playing it together recently and I can't figure out if the two players simultaneously makes it easier or just easier to push each other off ledges. It's fun, don't get me wrong! But some levels are so frustrating!

Stuff #9: I'm really behind on reviews and giveaways. REALLY behind. And I'm sorry if you're one of the ones who's waiting for me to post about your product, or if you're waiting for some more awesome giveaways to enter. I promise I will post more of them within the next few weeks! I have a list of toys, clothes, and accessories that I need to photograph my kids with, and I'm waiting for nice weather so I can get some good pictures. There are quite a few things I'm very excited to review, including one for CSN Stores. They have some gorgeous headboards that I am drooling over. Go check out this one. That sure would spice up my bedroom! I still need to finish posting about my South America vacation and then start posting reviews and giveaways. Gosh, how did I get so behind? When it comes to blogging, why do I feel like I'm constantly behind?

Stuff #10: Now that I'm the mom of a 3 year-old, I need advice from other moms who have been there, done that (or who are there right now, like I am!)
- Kirsten isn't potty-trained at all and still doesn't show much interest in it. Should I really wait until she seems ready and wants to be potty trained? Or should I just go ahead and give her no option, since she's three already for heaven's sakes?
- Swimming lessons. . . too young? Just right?


  1. as a former lifeguard and swim lessons teacher - a child is NEVER too young for swim lessons! i've taught every age from 4 months to 95 years old. trust me, the sooner the better!! and i would recommend red cross lessons if you can find some. i've taught a variety of different lesson plans and the red cross is the best for safety around the water, hands down. have fun!

  2. That is random...but I love it! The only problem...I have so much to comment on!

    Ok, first...girl #3! It's crazy to have 3 girls, but your boy will come. I look at families like the Crumrines and I have some cousins like that too (3 girls then 2 boys) and they are so close to each other. There is something about the 3 sisters together that just link will be so fun for your girls! But really, I am so selfish...I just couldn't be happier that you are having a girl the same time as me! I have a girl cousin my exact age (2 months younger) and we are still so close. I love that we went through everything at the exact same time and I couldn't be happier that my daughter will have the same blessing! So, selfishly, I am REALLY excited!

    Second...Frank, yes, the Capelos concur!

    I guess that's all, I can't wait to see more pictures of Argenitina and your trip! And I've never been a mom of a 3 year old, so good luck! You can give me advice when I get there!

  3. I'm the eldest of 3 sisters, don't know if you knew that. But, we always felt bad for my dad, since there were only girls.

    And as for 3 - we're not potty trained either. Miss E totally could be, she really just doesn't want to. Sigh. We've tried - oh yes, we've tried. But NOTHING motivates this little girl to do something she doesn't want to do and I don't want to punish for potty training. Sigh again. Let me know if you come up with any brilliant ideas, would you?

  4. The Hulk wasn't fully potty trained till about 2 mos. ago. 2 mos. before he turned 4. What finally worked for him was an incentive. I told him if he went a week with no accidents, he'd get a light saber. He did it immediately! And has been good ever since.

    I liked Frank, too! And I was SO glad she got rid of Craig. He really was a total jerk. And not even interested in her. What do you think of Justin? I think at this point, he's more into himself than he is into her. "I like you." "Thanks." (silence) "I hope you like me, too." "Oh, I do!" Awkward.

  5. First, you should put Kirsten in swim lesons. I am putting Hadley in some near the end of the summer. Also, I liked your comment about how you sometimes get what you wish for in a different way than you think! And, I totally agree about the Giradelli brownies! Costco has a huge box of them! Last, about the quilts...yeah!!! I can help you when I come and I have some beginner books that I used to teach myself. A class sounds more fun than teaching yourself! I am so glad you want to learn to sew more!

  6. #1 - My thoughts when I hear about baby #3 being a girl was, "You always wanted sisters, and now you're girls are having tons." We have 3 families in our ward that have 5 girls each - and 2 ladies (siblings) that had like 6 sisters - they still all get together.
    #2 Like Frank! Like Chris who's mom died. Maybe Roberto? SOOOOO glad she got rid of Craig - what a loser. Jonathan needs to stop whining but maybe now he can since the bully is gone.
    #4 - Can you make me a list of things to do in Phoenix - I've been here 14 years and I don't think I've done 52 things, let alone thought of that many things to do.
    #5 - Happy 5th - the next 5 are sure to be better- busier and crazier, but better.
    #10 - Blake took swimming lessons at 3 and by the end of the summer was all over the pool. He SCREAMED his way through the first week of it. He does have a pool to practice in though. My girls did not learn to swim that early - Caleb seems on pace to swim by the end of summer - he loves it and doesn't scream. Potty training - There's a difference between being ready and wanting to. She's ready - plus the more time she has to get it down before the next (sister) arrives the better - Otherwise you may have to start all over after the baby is a few months old. Kirsten's sippy cups gone, (have her night time drink in a big girl cup), pacifer gone, Natalie's bottle gone - all before the new one comes. Happy summer girls from Great Aunt Lani :)

  7. the question is, do you REALLY want to have 3 kids in diapers? not fun! The thing that always worked for us (both my kiddos practically trained themselves this way) was candy as an incentive. We are a pretty sugar-free household otherwise, so they would get a piece of candy for #1, and a lollipop for #2. (A dum-dum works, it's way smaller) Lincoln was so into that, and once Orion wanted to be like his brother, he was all over it too! Seriously, it becomes an easy(ish) task when you find the right incentive.
    Oh, and we started w/ candy to introduce the idea, etc. Once we established the goal, we made a new, bigger one. For example, once Lincoln stayed dry for 7 consecutive days (naps and bedtimes not included at the time, and he still wears pull ups for sleep longer than 6 hours), mommy and he went to disneyland all by ourselves to celebrate.
    Sorry this is all about pee and poop! :)

  8. i love Ghirardelli brownies, too! they truly ARE the best Boxed Brownies Ever! If you love Chocolatey Fudgy Brownies... Try This:

    get 2 boxes of Ghirardelli double chocolate brownie mix
    1 6 pack of regular size Hershey bars
    1 bag of Milk Chocolate Chips

    Prepare the brownie mixes like it says on the package but use 2 separate bowls. Stir in half of the milk chocolate chips into each bowl of batter. Pour one bowl of mixed batter into a sprayed 13x9" pan. Add a layer of the 6 Hershey bars. Add the 2nd bowl of brownie batter on top. Bake at 350 for 45-50 minutes.


  9. it may take up to 60 minutes... depending on your oven

  10. oh yeah... HAPPYYYY ANNNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Would you consider sharing your list of 52 things to do around Seattle? We are looking for ideas! =D

  12. This rainy weather is driving me nuts, too! I'm SO ready for the sunshine!

    I've been convinced that you're having a boy, too. I guess we both need to mentally adjust to the possibility that you're having a girl. Either way, I know you'll be a great mom.

  13. We're planning on our fourth girl in October but we don't know for sure. We got our boy first so I'm fine with at least six more girls. Can you have too many??

    My daughter learned to swim at 3 so yes on the lessons. Just make sure they are private because group lessons are a waste of time and money. Trust me on this.

    My theory on potty training is you either have to do it at 2 or you will probably be changing diapers till they're 4. Three year old's are just too willful and independent.

  14. #1 My ultrasound took forever too. But the technician finally got a clear shot, so we're sure it's a boy. Don't give up hope yet!

    #2 Ditto AZAlgers's comment. How do you find things to do in your city? I always seem to find out about things too late.

    #3 I'm sure Justin will be happy about the random reason for me to buy brownie mix. Brownies are his favorite!

    #4 Definitely have Kirsten learn how to swim! The sooner the better. I didn't learn until I was 11: embarrassing and unsafe.

  15. I can't wait to find out what you're having! We were kinda hoping for a boy, too, but are still very excited to have another girl! :) And happy anniversary! I love that picture of you two! What a beautiful couple! Your kids are older than mine, so sorry I have no advice! But I will probably be asking YOU for advice in a few years! :)

  16. I totally say wait on the potty training! It will be SO much easier if she's ready and willing.

    And definitely a go on the swimming lessons. I've been meaning to sign up my 3 yr old, too!

  17. A girl!!!!!!!! I knew it, I knew it! Even though it would be awesome for you to have a boy, I just *felt* girl for you for some reason. :) I would love to have a boy too but I foresee our next being girl too. Oh well, I love girls! They're so fun! And seriously I'm slightly embarrassed I watch such a show as the Bachelorette, hahah!!! All your fault, I'm so addicted! I like Frank too and Roberto. I honestly wanna slap Ali though--she's cheese heaven and cornier than anything! We've gotta talk soon! I'll try and call you again this week!!!!

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