Friday, June 25, 2010

The Fun and the Fabulous Reviews!

There just aren't many things cuter than a baby in a tutu.

This fluffy, completely adorable turquoise tutu was made by Baby Raindrops. Go check out her Etsy shop, it's too cute for words! She specializes in handmade tutus, tshirts and onesies, burp cloths, wipe cases, hangers, and ponytail holders. She loves to do custom orders, and you can order a tutu in any color (or multiple colors!) you want! Her tutus start at $25, which I think is a great deal compared to tutus I see all the time in boutiques. Tutus are the perfect outfit for photo shoots, and they look great on little girls of ALL ages, from newborns to toddlers.

The quality of this tutu is wonderful! My favorite thing about it is how much tulle she used to make it. It's full and perfect, with a really nice satin ribbon tied around the top too! And she can add embellishments for you like flowers and swarovski crystals. If you're looking for an outfit for your little girl's photo shoot or special occasion, look no further than Baby Raindrops!

I had way too much fun photographing Natalie at the park in her cute tutu. Doesn't she look fabulous???

Moving on to share some more of the awesome stuff I've been reviewing lately. . .

*GirlExtraOrdinaire is such a fun online boutique! They sell awesome, sparkly apparel for brides and bridal parties, babies and moms, and the most stylish of dogs too. I just love this blinged out onesie I got for Natalie. She's definitely a little princess and a drama queen, so this really fits her personality!

*I was really excited to do a review of CSN stores! They are a massive online retailer that I had heard of but never ordered from before. I received a gift card from them in exchange for a review, and the fun part of course was choosing what to spend it on! This was also the difficult part, since I found a whole ton of stuff I wanted and had to ultimately decide what I wanted most. They sell pretty much everything!

So here's what I went with. . . the Cuisinart Convection Bread Maker in Brushed Stainless! Isn't it beautiful?

I have been wanting a bread machine for a very long time. I LOVE the smell and taste of homemade bread, nothing compares to it! But I rarely have the time to knead and let it rise and knead again, plus I've had some pretty awful experiences with yeast not turning out right. So I figured a bread maker would be perfect for me. I was so excited when the box was delivered to my door! It was really easy to order from CSN Stores, and the shipping was free, so you can't beat that! It arrived in only a few days, and it was packaged really well in a huge, sturdy box and in perfect condition. I most definitely would order from them again! Another bonus is that it came with a free JA Henckels bread knife. Score!!!

The bread maker is AMAZING. It's the easiest thing in the world, just add in all the correct ingredients (the bread machine comes with a huge recipe book for all kinds of breads!) and it does all the kneading and rising and everything for you. It makes the house smell so delicious! So far I've made White Bread and Three-Cheese Bread, and we loved them both. Next I want to make Honey Wheat or Cinnamon Swirl Bread!

*So here's another exciting thing. . . I was chosen to be a member of the Infantino Test Drive Program by Mom Central!

I get to try out brand new baby toys, and gosh who wouldn't love that? I'm saving a couple of the awesome things I just got for the new baby later this year, like this Fold and Go Bouncer. I love the idea. . . it folds up compactly so you can take it with you when you go somewhere, or just keep it out of your living room floor when your baby's not using it. I'm really looking forward to trying it out!

*And I think I found my favorite baby shoes EVER. . . Aren't they so stinkin' cute?
They're from Bibi & Mimi, and they're hand-crafted leather shoes with suede soles. These soft, flexible shoes are perfect for crawlers or early walkers, and they're just SO much cuter than Robeez shoes. I picked out these ladybug shoes for Natalie:

Bibi & Mimi have won some really prestigious awards. They won an iParenting Media Award, which tested their products on attributes such as quality, durability, age-appropriateness, and play value. Their shoes also won the Creative Child 2009 Top Choice of the Year Award for all baby shoes!

These shoes would make such a perfect baby gift. You wouldn't even need to wrap them, because their packaging is so adorable! Their shoes are $26 a pair, and they offer free shipping on all orders of 2 items or more.

Bibi & Mimi also has an apparel line of onesies and organic onesies. I received this "Peace Love Baby" onesie to review, and the quality is amazing! The 100% cotton onesie is super soft and doesn't shrink or fade in the wash. And their packaging is gift-ready as well!
Such awesome stuff! I love sharing such wonderful companies and designers with all my fabulous readers!!!

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