Monday, May 25, 2009

True Reality

For the past month, my days have been very much the same as any other day. Of course there are small differences, but the seemingly endless repetition of feeding baby, rocking baby, holding baby, feeding toddler, entertaining toddler, changing lots of diapers has my life feeling very Groundhog Day-ish. I guess that's pretty much the life of a mom of young kids. And I love my life. . . I really do. But I've got to admit that some variety is nice!
At least I can live vicariously through the lives of others thanks to one very addicting thing known as Reality TV. At the risk of sounding really pathetic and letting you all know how very into these shows I am, here are all the shows that have made my 3 am feedings and late nights more interesting lately (even though most of them are over now. . . it's a very sad thing!):

*American Idol- Of course we all love this show! I didn't start watching it until Season 4, and I've never looked back. I loved this season's finale, and I was happy with either Kris or Adam winning because they're both so awesome and talented in different ways. Adam was more interesting, more dynamic, and more technically talented in my opinion and I've loved so many of his performances. But I also loved Kris' musical ability and his original take on the songs. There was something really great about the clean-cut, married college guy taking the title.
Confession: During every season of American Idol, I download my favorite performances on Limewire and end up making a CD of the songs. Or two. Or three CD's. Anybody else do this besides me? Anyone???

*So You Think You Can Dance- My favorite summer show by far started up again, and I'm totally psyched about it! I can't wait to watch all the entertaining and amazing dance numbers, and find out who the top 20 dancers will be.
Confession: I really really wish I could dance like the dancers on the show. And I'm excited for my kids to be old enough to take dance lessons so that maybe one of them can be that good someday!

*Survivor- Nobody really blogs about this show, but I totally looked forward to Thursday nights because of the Office and Survivor. This season was awesome, and I was thrilled that J.T. won! He was the nicest guy in the world and I don't think anyone could help but love him.
Confession: I think J.T. was not only the most likeable Survivor winner ever, but also by far the cutest. SO cute!!!

*Dancing With the Stars- Shawn won! She was the one I thought would win, even though Melissa and Gilles were both great. I figured Shawn had a bigger fan base and more people who knew who she was from the beginning of the show. And she deserved it! It was a really good season!
Confession: The co-host, Samantha Harris, is really not good at hosting. She messes up quite often and I'm surprised she still has a job doing it! She bugs me!

*America's Next Top Model- The show kind of bugs me, because Tyra Banks is annoying and a lot of the models are too. But it's still good entertainment and I just can't help but watch it.
Confession: I think being photogenic and being beautiful and totally different things. And photogenic people are lucky!

*The Biggest Loser- It's way too full of sappy, sentimental, over-dramatized "moments", but the show really is inspirational and I love to see the transformations over the entire season. It's amazing how good those people can end up looking and how much weight they really lose! I was shocked that Helen won, because I thought for sure it would be between Mike and Tara. My favorite guy the entire season though was Felipe, he was just so fun and full of life.
Confession: My least favorite parts of the show are the extremely obvious little commercial-plugs for different products. Everyone turns into a horrible actor when they have to do these and it looks totally fake!

*Amazing Race- Which reality show would I just die to be on? Amazing Race of course! Nothing like getting to travel around the world and have amazing experiences for free. Those people are so lucky, it just kills me! I was happy that the brother/sister team won this season, because I liked them a lot.
Confession: I want to be on this show!!!

*Celebrity Apprentice- Watching this show was kind of like watching a train wreck. . . totally awful, but you can't help but keep watching! I figured Joan Rivers would win from the beginning, and I was right. She was really mean, but most people seemed to love her anyway. My favorite task of the season was watching them run suites at a hotel and have to serve people when they're so used to being waited on hand and foot themselves.
Confession: Donald Trump's decor in his house is the gaudiest and ugliest I've ever seen. It's like taking a tour of Versailles in France. I'm sure it was great for King Louis in the fourteenth century, but now?? Ugh!

*The Bachelorette- I was so excited that this show started last week! Jillian is so cute and fun and I can't wait to see who she chooses and what happens. I know none of these relationships work out, but it's just so darn fun to watch anyway. I already picked out my two favorite guys, in the very first show. . . Jake the cute pilot, and Kiptyn (or whatever that weird name was) from San Diego. They seem the very cutest and most sincere to me right from the start, but we'll see what happens! Who are your favorites, if you watch??
Confession: I like The Bachelorette seasons better than The Bachelor seasons. I'm not sure why!

I've probably forgotten some shows, but that's a good enough list for now and I'm sure lots of you are shaking your heads and thinking I should get a life. But I'm excited for Project Runway and Top Chef to come back too!
So who joins me in my Reality TV obesession? I know I'm not alone! Give me some comments!


  1. Ya I agree with Biggest Loser...the commerical plugs are retardo!!

  2. I love ANTM too, and agree, Tyra and some of the models are so annoying, but its an entertaining show. I also watch Biggest Loser, I love that show. Other than that I don't want much TV, unless I catch a rerun of Friends or the original 90210 :)

  3. I watch some of those shows- probably will add a bunch more to my list once I join you in toddler/newborn-land. The thing that always amuses my husband and I is that it takes 2 hours every week for Biggest Loser to do, well, not much, while on Amazing Race they get a whole herd of people across multiple countries and show it in an hour. These two shows really need to swap show lengths.

  4. Love Idol, SYTYCD, Biggest Loser, ANTM, DWTS, and Bachelorette. I think Tom Bergeron is SO CHEESY AND ANNOYING, and agree with you on Samantha not being a good host. I usually flip the channel for the 30 seconds that they talk.

    I like Jake for Jillian, too! I'm not a fan of Wes -- the country singer. I think he's definitely there for his career. It's too early for me to remember or pick many others.....

    Yay for reality TV!!!

  5. I loved American Idol too! And I hadn't really thought about Kris reminding me of Nathan, but now you say it they do have a lot of similarities! That's funny!

  6. SPOILER!!!! Jk, I haven't watched the Amazing Race finale on the internet yet but I was betting the brother/sister would win. I was just really hoping it wouldn't be the deaf kid. He was SUCH A JERK!!!!!!!!!! He and his mom totally turned him into this hopeless victim!!!

    I had to "x" out of your blog today before I found out who won the Biggest Loser and I made Danny watch the finale with me online today! TOTALLY a shocker that Helen won!!!!!!! She looked emaciated! I was FREAKING that the old dude won the eliminated prize though, WOW! And definitely, Felipe and Sione were my favorites. Did you know they went to High School with my bro-in-law Ben and are LDS? The black team (Dane and Blane) were LDS too. I looooooooved the Tongans. And YES!!!!! The "commercials" were SOOOOOOOO dorky. I sound as ridiculous as you think you sound and I don't have any 3am feedings, haha! When we chat next we'll have to talk more on this!!! :)

    I really love talking about these two shows, haha!!!!! They're my favorite!!! I only watch these two and the Office so I really can't comment on anything else! But what a fun post!!!!

  7. I LOOOOVE So You Think You Can Dance. It is one of my favorite shows ever. Those dancers are so incredibly talented. The choreography is always amazing and very artistic. Can't wait to see more. :)

  8. Omg! Your favorites for the Bachelorette are my favorites also! They are just so cute and sweet looking. I have to admit that I don't like Juan or David, oh and I have a bad feeling about Wes.

  9. There are a couple reality shows back this summer that I'm excited about: "Wipeout" and "Tori & Dean." Total junk TV, but it's a nice escape. I watched those two last year when T Junior was new and I was indoors most of the time. :)

  10. I had a feeling that Sione & Felipe were LDS! But I would have never guessed that about Dane & Blane. I was really miffed that Helen won, and she doesn't even look attractive that skinny. She needs more meat on her bones. I totally wanted Tara to win, oh well.
    For the time being we've given up TV (ha! It sounds like I was addicted), so I have to watch all the shows a day later. But I guess that's ok, since I did that with the DVR anyway! :)

  11. Oh, and YES, the LAME sponsor plugs on Biggest Loser are completely overdone and awkward to watch. Especially the gum ones. And I guess they don't help much anyway, since I can't even remember which gum it is that they are hocking! :)

  12. I know what you mean about every day feeling repetitive!! TV does help! :) And I am SO addicted to American Idol it's not even funny!

  13. I use to watch the office,as I think this is the best show ever made,so funny :)Nice time pass :)

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