Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturdays At the Park

These days, it's hard not to feel like a prisoner in my own home. It's a daunting task to take a newborn and a toddler out at the same time by myself, especially since the toddler is prone to bolting and running off without any warning. So when the weekend comes around and Stephen's here to help, Kirsten and I are both anxious to head out. . . somewhere. . . ANYWHERE!! Just get me out of the house!!!
Since the weather has been so beautiful lately, we've been going to some of the local parks. Kirsten has a blast at the playground!
Kirsten's always obsessed with those sunglasses. She looked so funny when she put Stephen's sunglasses on upside down. She had no idea!
Love this picture!
This park right on a lake was so gorgeous. I know it looks like we're on vacation, but this is really what it looks like where we live! We are lucky!
Kirsten was discovering one of the joys of toddlerhood. . . eating the sand. I kept telling her not to eat it because it was yucky, so she would turn her back to me and eat it anyway. She thought that if she couldn't see me then I couldn't see her. She's a little sneak already!
Kirsten is definitely the happiest when she's running around and exploring. No books or dolls for this one! She wants to explore the world!
She couldn't figure out how to blow the dandelion. See all that sand on her face? Yum!

She loved the ducks on the lake!
And of course she loved chasing the bubbles around. Stephen and I took turns running after Kirsten and staying on the blanket with Natalie. It was such a beautiful day!
So now you know why I look forward to the weekends so much. . . when the prisoners can finally be released from the house/jail/cage. Who else knows the feeling?


  1. Yes, I know/knew the feeling! It gets much better! I was SO excited when Orion was old enough to move around on his own; I had to carry him around everywhere with Lincoln going full throttle, and let me tell you, Orion is soooo heavy! He was too heavly to put him in a sling; that killed my back! Really, it does get better. I promise! :)

  2. I think our little girls are exactly alike! That's nice that you have a husband home on the weekends so you can get out with some help. It can be a LONG week with little ones at home. What park do you guys go too? Looks like fun!!

  3. Oh yes I couldn't wait to get out of the house after El was born. And so sneaky eating the sand. LOL! :)

  4. I was at the store with Blake and Emily, Blake was in the cart and in the car seat, and Emily decided to take off - and fast. I still had some pulled muscle and I could not run, especially run and push a cart. I had to leave baby and cart behind and pray no one grabbed him so I could sort of run down Emily. There were too many groceries for her to be in the basket. I used to go shopping a lot at night when Jon was home!

  5. Kirsten is so precious! I love how intent she looks when she is blowing that dandelion and playing next to the water! She really does love exploring!

  6. What a cute kid!!!
    I remember the feeling, definitely! It gets easier to go out with 2 when the newborn is a little bigger. (And when the 2yo learns to stay closer - or at least come running *back* on command - or learns to deal with a leash of some sort...). :)
    Hang in there!

  7. I know exactly how you feel! I think the hardest time for me was having a 2 year old and newborn because it's almost impossible to handle 2 at once if one runs off. It will gradually get easier though. I love those pictures... it's gorgeous there! And I love that Kirsten was eating the sand. She's so cute!!

  8. It does get easier... hang in there. Are you in any kind of a moms' support group? MOMS Club International is a great organization and there are chapters in most cities. Even just getting out to a playdate or a business meeting gives you some adult contact and lets the kids play together.

  9. I can definite testify to the feeling of confinement to your home! And I just love Kirsten's hair. It is so long and beautiful!

  10. You are such a great mom!!

    What did you think of Kris winning last night? I think Adam was so much more talented!


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