Saturday, November 8, 2008

Naughty Post-Halloween Antics!

Kirsten is definitely becoming more her own little person every day! She also seems to find more trouble to get into every day. All these things happened in the weekend right after Halloween:

*Kirsten got into the bowl of Halloween candy, found a few Dum-Dum suckers, and started sucking on them right through the paper. I took the paper off for her, and then she managed to get a sucker completely stuck in her hair! She was the stickiest girl EVER until her bath that night!
(By the way, our front entry is usually NOT messy like this! We're painting a new storage area inside our front hall closet, so all this stuff has to just sit there until the paint dries).

*She broke a ceramic pumpkin decoration on the wood floor. I don't know HOW she did it, she must have thrown it on the floor pretty hard for it to break. I heard the crash and came in to find her sitting among all the broken pieces, playing with them! Yikes! Luckily she didn't get hurt by anything, and Stephen was there to help me get everything cleaned up.

*She killed my cell phone! I always figured there was no harm in her playing with it as long as the phone was SHUT. She sent off a text message once before, but that's the extent of what she had done until that weekend. She was playing with the shut phone, and then I discovered the screen was completely blank and wouldn't turn back on at all. I took it to the Verizon store on Monday and they said the wetness indicator had gone off on the phone. Since she didn't have it near water, she must have had it in her mouth and actually got it wet enough to kill it! Isn't that nuts? I had no idea she could do that. They couldn't fix it, so I ended up having to pay $50 for a new phone and kept my old battery.

I sense I'll probably have many more stories like these as she gets older, won't I? :)


  1. Oh yes you will! You'll have lots, lots more stories. You always think they'll outgrow their destruction, but then they never seem to do. Of course, it gets less frequent, but still. Kids are like little tornados going through the house most of the time.

  2. Cute Stories! Ryan is always breaking bowls, plates, cups, etc - anything we leave out he somehow manages to break it! And yet I still love the little booger!

  3. I remember one time while Aris was over seas coming out of the bathroom to find my daughter had pushed a dining room chair into the kitchen and climbed up on my stove, (Thank God I wasn't cooking) Looks at me with my pepper shaker in her hand and throws it on the ground. Glass all over. It's like they know exactly what they are doing. You'll have lots more like that. They love pushing the boundaries.

  4. Not the Mickey-pumpkin, I hope! I'm so glad she wasn't hurt!!!
    And yeah, you will have LOTS of stories like these, weekly, as she gets bigger.

    This week Cinderella totally broke one of my favorite pearl necklaces, and then -the next day!- Eagle broke another one. He grabbed it and pulled it right off my neck! (Why do I even try...?) From now on, all jewelery is strictly hands-off around here! :)

  5. Just the beginning - Blake threw my ceramics project from my art class at BYU that I've had for 20 years! Stinker, and he's old enough to know better - and when I came in there was Caleb playing with the pieces. Maybe at T-giving we can give Kirsten and Caleb some of the china dinner plates to play with after dinner!

  6. Cell phone stories will continue...
    Our teenage daughter dropped hers into the toilet one year.
    It is easier to laugh then get mad!
    It is also easier to take pictures of mishaps!
    The funniest one was years ago when our 5 little ones were at a park and they found mud and had a mud throwing bash at each other...
    I still laugh at the pictures that were taken!(inside I was mad) but laughed on the outside. This helped them laugh at things when they got older...
    Have great holidays!
    Love always,

  7. i've had amny stories like that! whew weeee!!!!!

    but kids are just tooooo cute to stay mad for long aren't they!!? ♥


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