Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fun Finds: Christopher Pop-In-Kins!

I have always loved the Elf on the Shelf idea, with one major problem. . . he's CREEPY!  He has that old-fashioned doll look that really scares the hebejebes out of me.  I can't stand the thought of that little guy "always watching." 

A few of my friends told me they had a different elf named Christopher Pop-In Kins who was actually cute and not creepy.  And as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted one for my kids!  Christopher Pop-In-Kins is totally adorable!  He's posable, so you can put him wherever you want and he'll stay put.  You can hide him in a different place every day and have the kids look for him.  I love it!

 Christopher Pop-In-Kins comes with a storage case and a beautiful, hard-bound book that tells the story of Santa's very first children's elf, who visits boys and girls during the holiday season.  The story is wonderful and really gets kids excited, and they can go to sleep hoping Christopher will choose to appear at their house.  And the next morning, he magically appears!

The book suggests having Christopher arrive right after Thanksgiving, so he can keep an eye on the kids for the whole month until Christmas morning.  I didn't receive mine until pretty close to Christmas, but I can't wait to get him out next year and read his story to my kids!  It will become a wonderful tradition in our home, and I'm looking forward to starting it.  You can buy your own Christopher Pop-In-Kins on Amazon and start the tradition in your own home too!


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