Thursday, December 8, 2011

Explore: Yellow Umbrella Coffee!

I've lived in Seattle five years now, and I've learned a few things.  One of the first things that was glaringly obvious within my first week of living here was that Seattleites LOVE their coffee.  Drive-through coffee stands and coffee shops are as common here as gas stations, or probably more!  Another thing I learned is that you need to find places to go during rainy, cold days where you can take your kids and meet up with friends.  To keep your sanity!  You need them! 

There's a brand new coffee shop in Lynnwood, and I've been there twice already and am super impressed!  I don't even drink coffee, but I sure do love drinking their big raspberry cream Italian sodas!  Yellow Umbrella Coffee is located right on Highway 99, next to the DMV.  It's the perfect rainy day hangout!

 What makes it so great there...

*They have a cute little play area, stocked with a train table, an easel, and some toys, and a long table next to it for moms to sit at.  I met there with my mom's group and it worked out well, especially for the babies and younger toddlers.  And the play area is free!  They're not specifically a kid's cafe, so you can definitely go there without kids and just sit on the other side of the cafe.  The play area is in the back, so it's out of the way and not likely to bother anyone else.
*Helpful hint*- if you're meeting a mom's group or several friends there, you can call Yellow Umbrella and reserve the long table by the play area.  I love that they do this!

*The service is super friendly!  The girls who work there are all so nice and will accomodate any of your needs with a smile.  I really enjoyed that!  They are family-run and family-oriented.

*The prices and quality of the food are pretty amazing!  Their menu has a wide variety to choose from, and sandwiches range in price from $3 to $4.25.  LOVE it!  They also feature baked goods, like my favorite, the delicious eggnog bread.  Their pastry chefs bake throughout the day, so they have fresh goods even in the late afternoon! 

*The prices of the drinks are also amazing!  Their tall latte is $2, and they have a huge variety of flavors available.  They use locally-roasted, 100% premium Arabica coffee beans.  They also feature plenty of non-coffee drinks (great for me and for kids too!) like smoothies and Italian sodas! 

*It's a really cute and cheerful place inside! 

 This is my 4 year-old enjoying the delicious eggnog bread!  She ate an entire slice by herself, and so did I!

And my favorite sandwich so far... (simple but delicious)... the ham and cheese panini-pressed bagel sandwich!  Really cheap and really yummy!

I'm so happy Yellow Umbrella is in Lynnwood!  It's a great place to stop by for an hour on a wet, cold day!  And if you don't meet up with friends there or have someone to chat with, they have free wifi!  


  1. Hi! I am not sure how I found your blog, but I live just a few minutes from this coffee shop & didn't even know it was there! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for telling us! I also have 3 girls!!

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