Saturday, November 19, 2011

Explore... Vancouver Weekend Getaway!

Around the middle of October, I got exactly what I'd been needing... a weekend away with a girlfriend in Vancouver, BC!  It was LONG overdue, and a whole lot of fun was had!  If you live in Seattle, Vancouver is the perfect place for a weekend or overnight getaway with your husband or friends.  It feels like you're far away (it IS a whole different country, after all!) but it's a short and easy drive and really not far from home at all!

I had been to Vancouver once before and really didn't know a good place to stay, and this time I definitely found it... The Burrard!  This vintage, eclectic hotel was recently renovated and given a whole new facelift.  Even though it's smack in the middle of all the downtown action, it offers all kinds of amenities that you wouldn't expect for the great price.  Things like:
*Free wireless internet access
*Free phone calls to anywhere in Canada or the US (nice!  Avoid those cell phone roaming charges!)
*Complimentary purified bottled water
*Flat screen HDTV's with premium movie channels
*Free passes to the Steve Nash Fitness Centre (I didn't use this, but probably should have!)
*Free Electra Cruiser bike rentals (it was too cold to use these, but I saw them and they are awesome!  Next time I want to go in the summer and ride them all around town!)
*In-room safe
*Really nice bedding!  (This was one of my favorite features!  We each had our own double bed, and they were COMFY!)
*Free parking

The courtyard in the middle was pretty awesome-looking, with some sweet lounge chairs and tons of tropical plants.  It made me wish it wasn't winter.  But it definitely DOES need a hot tub!  Do people actually lounge when there's not a pool or hot tub around?  I don't know...

All the amenities and the great prices are enough of a draw to get me to stay there next time, and on top of that is the awesome location!  The Burrard is an easy, short walk to tons of great shopping, movie theaters, restaurants, and dance clubs!  It's so close to everything!  A couple of times we took a taxi because we weren't sure how far away things were and then ended up walking back afterwards because it was so close!

The Burrard is offering a 10% off each room night code to all of my readers, good anytime!  Just book through this link, or use the promo code PRS through their website!

If you're driving from Seattle to Vancouver and staying for a night or two, here are a couple of my DON'T MISS IT recommendations:

*The perfect stop for lunch along the way...
The Calico Cupboard Cafe & Bakery in Mount Vernon, WA
Oooh, just writing about this place is making my mouth water!  They have the most delicious sandwiches and baked goods at this little restaurant!  They are open every day for breakfast and lunch but they close at 4, so hopefully you'll be driving past there when they're open.  It's right off the freeway, a quick and easy stop, and trust me when I say you'll be wanting to go back!

*The perfect night for any 80's music fan...
If you're there on a Saturday night, you HAVE to go to the weekly The Affair Saturdays: 80's Dance Party at the Library Square Public House.  I had no idea how much fun I would have here!  It was such a blast!  Before 10 pm it's a restaurant and there is no cover charge, so we got there around 8 for dinner.  Their food was really good, and then at 10 the tables went away, the disco lights turned on, and the DJ cranked out the greatest music!  There was a really fun crowd there with all different ages, and oh my gosh, I literally danced till I dropped!  I can't wait to go again!
(The Library Square Public House also has a 90's dance party every Friday night.  I'd love to try that one out sometime too!)  

I now fully understand why Canadians love their city of Vancouver.  :)

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