Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kitty Cat's Bad Day

In our house, we love our two kitties.
And 2 year-old Natalie certainly shares that love. She follows them around the house saying "Key-ah! Key-ah!" and pets and snuggles them whenever they let her.

I love these pictures of Natalie. They show her at her best, smiling and full of love. But you just have to laugh at the expression on the cat's face...

Yeah, Herbie. . . I know the feeling.


  1. You should get the book "Bad Kitty" It's a fun ABC book

  2. Hahahah, his face is SO funny!!!! He's thinking "The things I do for this posh life." So funny!

  3. Giggle, so sweet. All in a pampered feline's life,. Thank you for sharing. Hugs!

  4. super cute pictures, glad I found you from the hop.

  5. Aww my kids do that to our animals too, so precious to capture the moment :)

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  6. I love these pictures! I have 4 cats, haha and I'm always welcome for more! Found you at the Sunday Blog Hop, and am glad I did! Am a happy new follower :).

  7. That cat is loving being spoiled with love! It is so good to know that kids could grow with a pet. So many memories! Congrats on being a guest host at the Sunday Hop! New follower gladly willing to return and enjoy your posts!

  8. Cute family and I LOVE all your pics, especially the one with the lake and the mountains, gorgeous. Following from the hop. Hope you can stop by.
    God Bless,

  9. Aww, I love the last one, very cute!! Congrats on being the featured blogger over at the Sunday Hop at Shibley Smiles!! :) I am now a new follower and looking forward to reading more. Hope you are all having a great weekend!!

  10. Such cute pictures. Your daughter is adorable! The last one is my favorite! I'm a new follower from the Sunday Blog Hop.

    Liz @

  11. The older Natalie gets, the more she looks like Kirsten. Btw, you need to update your banner photo!

  12. I LOVE this! We also have 2 cats and a 2 year old little girl who LOVES to chase them, carry them, hug them, and kiss them! One of them always runs from her, but the other just gives in and lets her to whatever! So funny!
    I'm visiting you from the Sunday hop and now following you!

  13. Super cute pictures!

    She is too adorable. I love looking at her pictures on your sidebar too

  14. Awww so sweet, I want a baby!

  15. Cute pics!

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  16. Love your photos! Simply adorable!

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