Monday, June 6, 2011

Fabulous Finds. . . Great Local Eats!

My family loves eating out, and we have a great time trying out new places. But when I want to go with food that I know I'll love, here are a few of my absolute favorites:

*Favorite pizza delivery*
Garlic Jim's

Ooooh, yum! This is seriously crave-able pizza!

Why I love it:
*Their hand-tossed thick buttermilk crust is delicious!
*They have just the right amount of toppings, and yummy sauce.
*Their prices are really great, especially if you sign up on their website to receive coupons.

Tip: If you order the breadsticks (and they are good!) definitely order the cheesy ones. The regular breadsticks don't have much flavor.

*My favorite local burgers, hands down*
Blazing Onion Burger
I always loved the Mill Creek restaurant, but now the brand new restaurant at Alderwood Mall is open! It's a LOT bigger, and has some really innovative new features.

Why I love it:
*Everything about this burger is just awesome. I love the meat, the fresh bakery-made buns, and especially the BOB sauce! Whenever I eat a burger anywhere else, I find myself wishing for BOB sauce.
*It's a great place to take kids, because the food always comes out SUPER fast.
*You order at the counter and refill your own beverages, and they bring your food out to your table.
*The beverage station in the new Alderwood restaurant is just the coolest one I've ever seen! They have Coca Cola Freestyle machines with over 100 flavors of beverages, and you can refill with as many different flavors as you want. I was blown away! They have tons of different flavors of Fanta, peach Sprite, tons of Hi-C flavors, pretty much any drink you can think of! Plus they have my favorite, Pibb Xtra, and they even have Pibb Zero, which I've never seen before!
*The new restaurant also has a patio with a fire pit and outdoor heaters. Great for summer!

Tip: Ask for extra sides of BOB sauce, and they'll bring as many as you want! Trust me, you'll want extra. They'll also refill your fries for free.

*Great eat-in pizza restaurant*
The Rock Wood-Fired Pizza

Why I love it:
*Everything I've had from here is good. They have a really great lunch buffet and happy hour that I want to try out.
*It's a great place for families. They bring out pizza dough for kids to play with, plus a bunch of crayons and stuff to color.
*I love this place for groups, like girl's nights, double dates, or large families. You can order a ton of food (a couple of big pizzas, salad, garlic bread, sodas) and by the time you split the bill it's very little money per person!

*My go-to ice cream place*
Cold Stone Creamery
Okay, it's not at all local and they have them everywhere (we even found one on our honeymoon in St. Thomas!) But I just love Cold Stone!
Why I love it:
*The ice cream is so thick, sticky, and you just can't get ice cream anywhere else that tastes like it.
*You can make them as simple or elaborate as you want. I like mine pretty simple. . . chocolate ice cream with cookie dough mixed in, or vanilla ice cream with black cherries.
*They'll do a cute, tiny little kid-sized one. Or you can have them put just a small amount of your own into a separate kid's cup.

Tip: If you have an Entertainment Book, don't miss the great Cold Stone coupons they have in there!

To all my fellow northwest readers, I'd love to hear what some of your favorite go-to restaurants are!


  1. This looks amazing! It's making me drool.

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