Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun Finds: An Easter Bunny, Sandwiches For a Cause, and No Spills!

My almost 4 year-old daughter Kirsten was thrilled to pieces when we got to go see a special advance screening of 'Hop' on Saturday with a couple of our friends!

I'm SO glad they finally made a cute, fun Easter-themed movie! I've been thinking for awhile that there are a million Christmas movies and a bunch of Halloween ones but no Easter movies! This one definitely fit the bill for adorable Easter movie. It has the cute, fluffy bunny that you just want to hug, mean mastermind chicks who are still adorable even when they're plotting to take over Easter, and James Marsden in his newest goofy, he's-cute-but-he-sure-is-dumb role (think 'Enchanted' and you'll get the idea).

We really had an awesome time at the super cute movie and Kirsten loved it! 'Hop' opens on April 1'st and will be a huge hit with Easter-loving kids and adults everywhere! Go see it, and take your kids with you!

Have you ever been to Jersey Mike's Subs? I hadn't, until I got to try it out this week. I wasn't expecting anything special, since I ordered the most basic sandwich on their menu. . . Turkey Breast and Provolone. But I happily discovered that the sandwich was delicious! Some things I really liked about Jersey Mike's:

-They cut the meat right in front of you! Fresh, fresh, fresh! And it was much more flavorful meat than I was expecting too.
-Even though mine was on the cold subs menu I ordered it hot, and I loved the way the melted cheese tasted with the turkey.
-The homemade bread was awesome!
-It was just a really good sandwich. Such a step above Subway or Quizno's or most of the other sandwich chains. Everything was fresher and more flavorful!

Deal Alert: This is their March Month of Giving!
Jersey Mike's sponsors a month-long, nationwide fundraiser for Wipe Out Kids Cancer, to help fund pediatric cancer research. They are donating .25 for each regular sized sub and .50 for giant subs sales. If you donate $5.00 you get some specially branded Silly Bandz, and a free drinks and chips coupon. And mark your calendars. . . on March 28'th all day, you get a free sub with ANY donation! I can't wait to go in with my family on March 28'th and make some donations to a great cause while also enjoying yummy sandwiches!
Go here to check out all their locations. Hopefully they have one near you!

I don't know why a truly spill-proof sippy cup is sooooo darn hard to find. We have bought so many sippy cups in the past only to have them leak juice all over the couches and my kids' clothes. Frustrating! The only brand I had ever found in the past that didn't leak was Playtex. But I recently got to try the new Explora Sippy Cups from Tommee Tippee and was happy to discover that they don't leak at all!!!

Here's why I love 'em:
*My kids carry them around the house, throw them on the ground. . . no leaks! Not a drop! Hurray!!!
*They come in a pack of 2, and each cup holds 9 oz. Our pack is pink and purple, perfect for my two little girls.
*They're made with Advance Flo technology for easy drinking, and the insulation keeps drinks colder longer!
*They're BPA-free and safe for dishwashers and microwaves!
My disclaimer: I really do love sharing great stuff I find with other moms who read my blog! I did receive some free products, food, and movie tickets but was not obligated to write glowing reviews. My opinions are all my own and I was not compensated to write them. I chose to write these reviews because they were all worth writing about!

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