Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Blessing Day and a Brand New Year!

On December 26'th, we blessed our sweet little Brooke in my parents' ward down in San Diego. It was a wonderful day, filled with family and lots o' love!

Our first picture as a family of FIVE!

All the men who helped with Brooke's blessing:

Precious little baby! She looked so beautiful in the white dress!

My grandparents were there!

And of course my parents were too!

The kids had a great time running around the grassy hill. It's the same church building that I grew up attending, and I can remember doing log rolls down that same hill.

All the cousins looked so cute in their (unplanned!) red and black outfits!

And here it is. . . officially the latest New Years post you've ever seen!!!
If you think you're behind on your blog, now you can feel better, because at least you're not posting your New Year's eve pictures in MARCH!

I didn't want to skip it though, so enjoy my pictures of all the little party animals we had (none of whom actually stayed up until midnight).

Baby New Year just wanted to sleep!

The adults had a fun time staying up to eat and play games, and I was so happy that my bestie Carrie came over with her daughter to spend the night. We had such a great time!

So. . . even though it's VERY late. . . happy new year from our family! We hope 2011 is completely amazing for us and for everyone reading this!


  1. Beautiful blessing pictures and fun!

  2. Such a beautiful post.

    Thank you for linking up with the Explore Play and Learn blog hop. Sorry it has taken me all week to follow you back. The creepy crud decided to take up residence in my head. Now that I am feeling human again I am following and commenting. We are hopping again tomorrow and all weekend long if you want to link up again! Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy New Year to you too! ;) Seriously, check out those super-coordinated red and black outfits...amazing. I love the pictures of your baby, though she probably looks way different now!


  4. So funny, I think MY little guy has tons of hair until I see pictures of your girls---LOVE all that fuzzy, soft hair!!!!! What great pictures!

  5. Blessings are such a wonderful time to be with family. We just got back from Utah this week after seeing our sons 5th child blessed and our 10th grandchild. Have been to all 10 blessings and would never miss a one.

  6. Very beautiful pictures! I can't believe that the red and black outfits were unplanned! The picture looks like something out of a magazine!


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