Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fabulous Finds Craft and Recipe Round-Up: Valentine's Edition!!!

♥Get ready for the absolute CUTEST crafts and recipes you'll ever see from all over the web, all in honor of the day of love♥

This is my first edition of the Fabulous Finds Craft and Recipe Round-Up: Valentine's Edition!!! I wish my little girls had the attention span to make all of these with me, because I seriously want to make them ALL. Just click on the links to go straight to the tutorials and find out how to make them yourself!

Here we go. . .

♥These Brookie Bites are way too cute to eat! I'm dying over these!

They're called Brookie Bites because it's a cookie inside a brownie bite (genius, I say!), but I think I need to make some in honor of my own little baby Brookie.

♥How beautiful are these Crayon Hearts? It's a nice, fresh take on the classic iron-crayons-in-wax-paper art project.

♥I wish I had snow in my front yard right now! If I did, I'd definitely be making this adorable Valentine's Snowman. But since a lot of you around the country are enjoying some snow, go build one!

♥This is just about the easiest thing ever! Download these Valentine Fruit Stickers for free and add some love to the fruit you're packing in school lunches!

♥LOVING these Candy Cane Heart Suckers. I must make them!

♥I've seen a lot of different Valentine wreath ideas on blogs and magazines. This one is definitely my fave! If only I could figure out where to buy a cranberry wreath for the base. . .

♥Marshmallow love bugs! I think my kids would gobble these up long before they ever looked this cute, but I still love the idea!

♥Such an easy little tweak packs some serious cuteness factor. Who could say no to Valentine Pizza?

♥My kids love pretty much anything involving pom poms, so maybe they'd actually sit still to make this Valentine window garland.

♥Gumball necklaces! Every little girl's dream!

♥This has got to be the cutest craft involving doilies I've ever seen. And so simple and cheap to make! We're so making these hearts on a string!

♥Another awesome free printable! You could make cookie cartons or paste them onto anything else!

♥This is such a perfect love day snack. . . Valentine Confetti!

♥And these Cupid's Cups would make an awesome dessert!

Are you feeling inspired??? I know I am!

Please let me know how you like my Craft and Recipe Round-up, and if it's popular I'll do more of these in the future! All these ideas are just too adorable not to share!!!

Happy ♥ day!


  1. I like the round up. Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  2. I love the roundup - great fresh ideas. Thanks!

  3. Great roundup!!! Thanks so much for including my love bugs :)

  4. Great Roundup! Thanks Ashley for including my snowman!

  5. many fun things in your roundup. Thank you so much for including my brookie bites:-) I definitely think you should make them for your little girl.

  6. I thought the round-up was awesome! I'm not the craftiest person, but would love to do fun projects for holidays. The wreath is absolutely beautiful and I want a Brookie Bite!

  7. Ummmm...LOVE IT!!!!! Making my shopping list now! Thank you!

  8. Wow! What a great round-up!! Thank-you so much for including my crayon hearts and cupid's cups.

  9. Wow! Thanks for including me in your great line up! You have some here I have not seen yet and LOVE! Thanks again!

  10. I was just reading about your toddler giveaways and clicked onto this - this is fantastic! These are some of the cutest ideas. Thanks for compiling them - definitely you should do more of these round-ups!

  11. aww, you are too sweet. thanks for including me!

    this round up is awesome!

    have a super week!


  12. Great Valentines info/ideas! Check out (on our recycled crafts tab) for what we put together for LOVE day : ) Follow us!

  13. Some great ideas. Love the pepperoni. Found you on mom bloggers club.
    Please follow me back!

  14. ooo, what a great great roundup, the neapolitan cupcakes look so yummy!

  15. thanks so much for including the neapolitan cupcakes...!! great round up too :)

  16. We totally did the crayon heart craft! I'll do a little post soon on my blog with a picture :) Thanks for sharing the idea!

  17. Love the ideas/pics! I think I'm going to try the valentines confetti (simple) my kids school is doing a read-a-thon on V-day so this would be a nice snack! Love your blog.

  18. oh my goodness, I love all the valentine ideas!!! THANKS!

  19. Saw your post on Red Tricycle. Followed the link to your blog. I love it! Thanks for the great ideas.

  20. Love your ideas!!!! So super cute. I'm going to make the gum ball necklace for my girls. I'm your newest follower. I saw you on bloggymoms. My blog is

  21. LOVE all the Vday stuff! Those Brookie Bites are darling!

  22. Great Ideas all in one place. Thanks for all the info. I found you via the Simply Sunday Hop--new follower here.

  23. I just love your blog.
    I found you on Queen of Swag Hop.
    I am a new FB/GFC follower.

  24. Brookiebites look YUM!!!
    They definitely don't exist over here in Australia- poor us!
    I am waiting for your next post Valentines Day!

    I found you on the blog hop, please drop over and visit our site when you have a chance!

  25. Oh my goodness those Brookie bites look like a little bite of heaven!

    New follower here and I am so glad I found your beautiful blog!


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