Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Explore: Butchart Gardens!

 Everyone needs to go see Butchart Gardens!  Add it to your bucket list, right now.  It's on Vancouver Island, BC, outside the city of Victoria, and completely stunning!  Take your kids and your camera and enjoy a beautiful day there!

And make sure you go on a Saturday in the summer!  All summer long, they do a fireworks show at night and it is spectacular!  I didn't know what to expect, but it was much cooler than pretty much any fireworks show I've seen in the USA on the 4'th of July.  It was a long fireworks show, over a half hour long, and all set to music and themed with awesome fireworks designs.  It was SO cool, and included with your admission to the gardens!

Now feast your eyes on all the beautiful flowers and beautiful little girls I took pictures of!  :)

The gardens are huge, so give yourself plenty of time to explore them!  You don't want to miss any sections!

The girls loved the carousel!  They had this statue, perfect for photos, and then a real old-fashioned carousel too.

They had tons of different animals in the carousel.  I thought the giraffe was the coolest!

Some of my favorite things there were all the different fountains!  Some were timed to music, and they add lights to them for nighttime and for the holidays.

Acres and acres of gorgeousness!!!

And my beautiful Kirsten in the flowers!  :)

We laid out blankets on the grass, and Brooke got to practice her crawling and the kids got to run and play.  It was a relaxing, wonderful afternoon!

LOVE this shot I got of cute little Brooke at 10 months old!

Where do my girls get such blue eyes?

More fountains! 

There were so many unexpected, gorgeous things around every corner.  I never thought spending a day at a garden could be so much fun!

Are you convinced yet?  GO to Butchart Gardens with your family!


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