Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Fantastic February!

{Gasp!} I did not write a single blog post about all the stuff we did in February!!!
Time to remedy that, and fast. One of these days, someday, I will get all caught up on my blog. I know it will happen!

So we DID have a fantastic February!
We got some more snow. . .
(Yep, it was a snowy year in Washington! And I didn't complain about that one bit! Snowy year means it snowed more than three times the whole winter)

We celebrated Valentine's day with our adorable, snuggly, loveable baby Brooke. . .

Had a Valentine's playdate with a yummy spread of food. . .

{The Valentine's popcorn was a BIG hit! Just melted white Wilton's candy melts and some Valentine M&M's = a cute and delicious snack!}

Pizza for the kids. . .

Valentine crafting!!! Gumball necklaces were super fun. . .

And we filled the windows with these heart doily guys! Kirsten made one for each member of our family, including Uncle Chance :)

Sharing the sisterly love!

And I enjoyed celebrating my birthday! I had a fun girl's night out at a new dueling piano bar, and got a delicious dinner of homemade burgers, fries, and chocolate shakes cooked by the hubby.
My kids' favorite thing? I think it was a toss-up between the balloons and the cake. . .

{Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake! Ohhhhhh yeah!}

And THIS is the impressive free birthday dessert you get from Black Angus in addition to the entire free birthday meal you get if you sign up for their free Prime Club! This has got to be my favorite birthday freebie!

And. . . joy of joys!!!. . . my Christmas/birthday combined present arrived at our house! The Yamaha YDP-181 piano!!! I never thought I wanted digital but I didn't want to stop playing this one when I tried it out at the music store. It has beautiful sound! Now I just need more free time to play it. ;)
Here are my cute little future musicians. . .

See? It was a fantastic February, one that definitely deserved some blogging!


  1. Wow. Great memories! I wish we would have got some snow here in Savannah! And happy belated birthday!

  2. You look so great - very cute picture of you and Kirsten :)

  3. You look so great - love that photo of you and Kirsten! :)

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  5. Following from the hop. Terrific pictures!!! You have a beautiful family.


  6. Love the V-Day pizza!! Great photos.

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  7. Amazing photos!! Looks like February was *FUN* :D Your girls are beautiful! As a mom of 4 boys, who always wanted a girl, I'm totally jealous ;)

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    Hope you had an excellent weekend!

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  9. Oh my goodness gracious! Brooke is SO STINKIN' CUTE in that picture! I may have to use that picture for my website if you don't mind, she is a doll! And I know what you mean, I am forever playing catch up, with life AND my blog! :)

  10. The pizza with hearts! Amazing! You seem like a really fun family!


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