Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What A Week!

So in ONE week from today I get to find out my baby's gender! I'm getting more excited (and a little more nervous too) as it gets closer. I just want to KNOW! I don't know how people can wait the entire 9 months without knowing. The curiosity would just drive me wild! So everyone has to get their guesses in this week. What do you think I'm having???

I'm loving being in the second trimester! At 17 weeks, I'm feeling great and less tired than I was before. I haven't really felt the baby move yet, and I'm not in maternity clothes yet but my regular clothes are starting to feel a little tight. I'm still craving lemon EVERYTHING. I may or may not have made a pan of lemon bars and eaten every single one myself a couple of weeks ago. And then made a lemon cake the following week. :)

Kirsten thinks we're going to go get a new little baby from "the baby store". She's pretty excited about it. I decided not to put away the baby swing or the play mats, so they're taking up a bunch of precious floor space in my house. Really though, why put them away when I'll just need to get them back out in five months?

This post has two purposes, really.
1. I want to know what you all think I'm having!
2. I want to hear from other TV fans.

It's been a long time since I posted anything about TV shows, but there's just been TOO much great stuff lately to let it pass by without writing something about it. Of course. . . I'm going to start with the Lost finale. Wow, I thought it was a really amazing ending! I was definitely a latecomer to the whole Lost phenomenon. I had never seen an episode, but I borrowed Season 1 from my friend Miranda last year and started watching it with Stephen. We were hooked almost instantly! We totally got sucked into the plot and the characters and all the crazy questions. And it was nice. . . when we got to the suspenseful endings, we could just instantly start the next episode on the DVD. This last season was the first one I watched where we actually had to wait a whole week to find out what happened next.

Yeah. . . there's still a ton of unanswered questions. It's kind of annoying not knowing what really happened or what the point of a lot of stuff was. But I loved the finale anyway, and thought it was a really great way to end the show. So many emotional moments! My very favorite moments were when Charlie and Claire remembered, and then again when Sawyer and Juliette remembered. I sure will miss Sawyer. . . I mean, I'll miss ALL the characters. :)

It really was sad to have a Tuesday night with no Lost. And there will be no Lost on Tuesday nights, ever again. Gosh, I hate it when awesome shows have to end.

In the American Idol world. . . is there any doubt in anybody's mind that Crystal will be the winner? I thought it was obvious all season! She will definitely win, but I think Lee might sell more records than she will. His music is more my style than Crystal's is. Crystal has a very good voice, but am I the only one who thinks she's like a female version of Taylor Hicks?
I'm really going to miss Simon next year. I can't imagine the show without him!!!

It's also sad to have Thursday nights with no Survivor (especially after such an awesome season! Heroes Vs. Villains was GREAT), and Monday nights with no more 24. It's fun to see all the finales, but sad that all the good shows are ending. At least Survivor will be back in the fall.

The only summer shows I'm truly excited about are So You Think You Can Dance, starting this week, and the new season of the Bachelorette. Okay, who else watches the Bachelorette? I really liked Ali, so I'm looking forward to watching her this season. I watched the first episode today while the kids were napping, and here are my early favorites:

-One of the Chris's (seriously. . . I think there were THREE of them!)
This was the one from Cape Cod, with the really nice deep voice. I think he'll stick around for a good long time.

-Justin, even though the other guys didn't like him and he's a wrestler. I thought he seemed genuine, and he's very cute!

Yeah, I saw that first impression rose coming. She was swooning over him! He's by far one of the most attractive, that's for sure.

-Ty from Tennessee
The fact that he was divorced might be a red flag, but I thought he was cute and funny

There were some weirdos too, like "Shooter." I can't believe he told her the reason for that nickname! I'm glad she booted him.
My least favorite (of the ones she kept around) is Craig. Ugh. . . I never would have kept him!
If you watch the show, let me know who your favorites are too! A lot of you reading this probably think the Bachelorette is pretty dumb entertainment. . . but it sure is entertaining! After the kids go to bed, give me a blanket, a purring kitty, a lemon bar, and a good show to watch, and I'm happy!


  1. I wasn't too thrilled about the Lost ending. It wasn't enough closure for me. I'm just not an open ended person, I guess.

    I watch the Bachelor/ette for the drama and to make fun of the weird people on the show. The 1st night is always interesting, for sure. Roberto is probably my favorite so far. I'm in agreement with you on the creeps. I don't know why she kept Craig, either- for entertainment value, I guess. I'm pretty sure the producers of the show have a little input as to who she has to keep around for a while. Reality Steve has the inside scoop as always, and he's spoiled the ending for me, which I don't mind.

    Maybe you'll have a boy this time around? Is this pregnancy different from the others? I was pretty sure that I was going to be having a girl this last time by the symptoms that I was having- matched my 1st pregnancy, but I was wrong. Boys are fun, but it's harder to find cute boy stuff.

    Looking forward to finding out what you are having soon!

  2. Oh, and I'm coming back to Seattle in a couple of weeks for a month and a half. We should get together and meet in real life. That would be cool!

  3. I have no inclinations what this baby will be, but I hope it's a boy! I have quite a few friends who are on their 3rd or 4th girl, so who knows?!

    I watched most of Idol last night. I think Crystal did better, but I really like Lee. I honestly don't care who wins! I like them both that much! I love Crystal's voice, too. I don't think she's like Taylor Hicks. I'd LISTEN to her music and she doesn't make me crazy when I watch her on stage!!!! (I'm prejudiced against Taylor Hicks because I loved Chris Daughtry so much!)

    Like you, Superman and I jumped on the Lost train late -- only about 3 months ago. The ending made him CRAZY. I read a few commentators yesterday that made me understand more, though I want to hear directly from the writers. I watched Jimmy Kimmel thinking that would help -- NOT!!!! It just made me more mad! But I'm better now.

    I watched the Bachelorette, too. I'm basically agreeing with your pics. I kept trying to identify the voices from later in the season. There are some pretty distinct ones, what with Spanish, southern, and northeastern accents. I wonder who'll have a girlfriend this time. Maybe Justin? There were a few guys I could see some real chemistry with, but I forget who they are, now. I think that Ali (Ally? Allie?) is the kind of person who has chemistry with almost everyone, so I don't know.

    I'm excited for SYTYCD and glad that Glee is still on for a little while! Also love What Would You Do.

  4. I am guessing boy! I know you want a boy, but I really am guessing it's a boy becuase I think that, not becuase you want one!! Can't wait to hear!

  5. I watched the Bachelorette as well and I am in completely agree with your assessment. The only thing that I would add is that I really do not like the weather man. And the guy with the weird voice seems like the male version of Michelle to me. I did not watch the Lost finale and I am not a fan of American Idol. I did watch 24 and that was super intense.

    Oh and I think I already told you but I will post it on your blog that I think you are having a boy.

  6. I hope you have a boy if that's what you're hoping for! Either way will be great. :)

    I watch the Bachelorette too. I think Ali is gorgeous and I think it's cool that they're traveling all over the world this season. That part will be fun. I totally didn't like the wrestler guy, though. I kind of liked Frank, even though he was a little obnoxious. I agree that Craig was lame. He's vain. Did you see him fix his pants when he got out of the limo? Ick.

    Huge LOST fan, too, and really sad it's over. It was a little annoying that Sayid ended up with the blonde girl, because he's in love with Nadya, right? Oh well.

    I think Lee might win AI. Maybe not, because Crystal is good too, but she needs to get her teeth fixed.

    Also, I'm excited for SYTYCD too!!!

  7. i did my own little blurb about lost on the blog..
    but in regards to the bachelorette, i echo your sentiments EXACTLY about the dudes. word for word. ..i'm not a huge fan of ali (she kinda bugged), but the show is addicting no matter who's finding "love" haha. so i look forward to an entertaining romance. (:

  8. Well, it seems like a lot of my friends are having boys, so I guess boy. Plus I know that's what you want. So cute that Kirsten thinks babies come from the baby store! haha. Lemon bars sound yummy.

  9. I don't want to say it about Lee beating Crystal, but I'll say it anyway. I told you so :)

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