Saturday, April 10, 2010

TONS of Giveaway Winners!!!

Alright, it's time for ALL my recent giveaway winners! There's a whole bunch! What do you all think of the super-giveaways, with a bunch of prizes combined into one giveaway??? I think they're really fun, but I'd love some feedback!

Okay, here we go with the winners. . .

*Winner of the Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Foods Box is. . . #29!
Rockstar Mommy said...It's organic, AND there are choices! That's impressive in and of itself. I've been making my little man's food but have picked up some of the Gerber organic baby food as well. The problem is the selection is so limited. I love that Ella's Kitchen offers choices you wouldn't expect to find elsewhere.

*Winner of the Lauren Nicole Gifts Personalized Necklace is. . . #43!
Sarah and James Wagner said... I follow Lauren Nicole Blog!!

*Winner of the Mr. Bobbles Blankets' Toddler Pillow/Blanket Set is. . . #77!
Tabathia said... tweeted

*Winner of the Simple Green Naturals Cleaning Kit is. . . #82!
catss99 said... i folow skoy on twitter

*Winners of the 4-packs of Skoy Cloths are. . . #19 and #23!
naomir5034 said... I have already been going the "all-natural" way with cleaning products as I run out of the ones I have on hand - I've been switching to Method and Bio-life products (have 2 so far as well as natural laundry detergent for my cloth diapers/baby clothes)... That's why I love this! It's impossible to keep a toddler out of the bathroom while you're cleaning it - I would prefer the least toxic materials on hand for that reason. I also very sorry for the earth, with all the junk we're putting into it! Anyway I can help is good.
Amanda said... I would love to win! I've got another baby on the way (#2!) and natural cleaners are the way to go! Especially with little kids!

*Winner of the Dandelion Duck Teether from The Soft Landing is. . . #67!
Nola said... Facebook fan

*Winner of the Safe Sippy Cup from KidBasix is. . . #98!
Tylerpants said... Signed up for The Soft Landing's Email Newsletter.

*Winner of the Tooth Tissues is. . . #103!
Katrina said... I follow the soft landing on twitter

*Winner of the Boneca Linda Camera Strap is. . . #54!
trixx said... My favorite is the b&w polka dot camera strap, so stylish!

*Winner of the Momo Baby Gifts Baby Soy Gift Set is. . . #67!
Brooke H said... I would want to win the personalized Gift set from Momo because My sons name is Brodix and lets face it the only way he will get something with his name on it is if it is customized :)

*Winners of the JTW Sew Tag Lovies are. . . #82 and #95!
Amy said... I would love to have the cute tag lovies!
Janel said... These prizes are awesome! I think I'd be most excited about the blanket because it looks SOOOO soft and plush!! I also really have wanted to try out a taggie, so that'd be awesome too and the shirts are so fun and clever! Great prizes!!

*Winner of the Snugfits onesie or tee of choice is. . . #59!
Jenny said. . . oh i love that snug fits not a boy. what a great one liner!

*Winner of the PeaceLoveMom T-shirt is. . . #32!
Michelle M. said... Facebook fan of PeaceLoveMom!

*Winners of the Teething Bling Necklaces from Smart Mom Jewelry are. . . #37, #6, and #14!
Hillcrest Acres said... I'm a follower of your blog.
Carol said... I like the Lapis Lazuli Donut Shaped Pendant
anitanap said... Teething jewelry? DUDE!!! Love it. Smart Mom necklace for sure. Baby F just cut his bottom teeth, and he's chewing on everything!

*Winner of the Purse Organizer from Joey Junior is. . . #60!
IK said... following your blog

*Winner of the Fold-able Purse Hanger from Joey Junior is. . . #51!
Rachelle said... The purse hanger is genius! I could totally use that!

*Winner of the Pink Bowtique Peony Headband is. . . #90!
lil misses' mama said... I love the Ravishing Rasberry Velvet Baby Crochet Hat at pinkbowtique

*Winner of the Tooth Fairy Monster from Heartfelt Handmade is. . . #110!
Sarah C said... Everything is awesome, but I just adore the Tooth Fairy monster! It is so, so cute.

*Winner of the 2 CD's from the Shushybye Dream Band is. . . #54!
The Kooky Queen--Rachel said... Super fun! I follow!

*Winner of the set of 3 PakNaks is. . . #16!
erin, maker of chimes said... PakNak: Robert the Robot would be a hit at our house

*Winner of the Infant Sleeping Sack from Aden + Anais is. . . #14!
Wonder Woman said... Following your blog

*Winners of the Rockabye Baby CD's are. . . #56 and #97!
brandon and jakell said... would love to try the rockabye baby renduitions of U2
Jansen Family said... I absolutely LOVE the Rockaby Baby CDs--any of them would be awesome. Picking one is difficult, but I think the first one I would get would be their Beach Boys CD.

*Winner of the Aromatic Health product of choice is. . . #61!
Rozemary said... I follow your blog!

*Winner of the Scrabble Tile Necklace from HomeStudio Etsy is. . . #47!
Susan Margaret said... I'd really like the Scrabble Tile Pendant because I think it is beautiful and I've wanted one of these for awhile!

*Winner of the pack of Softlips lip balms is. . . #94!
Grace Wong said... blog follower

*Winner of the Isabelt is. . . #103!
Kate said... I'm a fan of your blog on Facebook.

*Winner of the SockGram is. . . #17!
Carol said... I'd pick the cow ones with the toes being the utters! To funny! These would be great for my sis in laws birthday! She has worn a cow costume a few times for Halloween!

*Winner of the Handmade Felt Doughnuts Set by Emmy Cake is. . . #41!
Chris and Carrie Elmore said... I follow you on facebook, too!

Whew. . . that was a TON of winners! That seriously just took me three HOURS to look up all the winners, punch the numbers into, count all the comments to find the right ones, email everybody, and get it posted on here. I'm so tired of winners right now! :P

There was a good reason I had so many giveaways and winners at once though. I'm leaving on a big vacation and won't be back until May! So if you're looking for new giveaways and reviews and don't see any for awhile, that's because I'm taking a break for a whole month. I'll be back with lots of great stuff, I promise! Just not for awhile! I'll be completely unplugged until May!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered as well as all the wonderful companies and designers. I am so glad to have so many happy winners!!!


  1. I'm so excited I won 2 of the giveaways! Thank you!
    Congratulations to all the winners!

  2. since you asked: i think the super giveaways are confusing with so many different sites to click on and SO many different ways to get entries. just my opinion though.

  3. Awesome!! I'm excited about the sleep sack.

    I think super giveaways are a great idea. It's easier to put effort into one post than spread out over a week or two.

    When I saw that you're going to be gone till May, I was like "Wow!! 2 months in South America?!" But I guess we're almost half way through March already. Time's going quickly.

    And I'm SO JEALOUS!!!! It is going to be so much fun! Can't wait to see pics and hear your stories!

  4. Have a great trip- I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Let me know when you're home and we'll schedule a playdate.

    Have fun!!!

  5. yay!! I won something!! So excited and now I will have to make some purchases of things I didnt win ;) Love the blog!!! Have such an amazing trip!!!

  6. Whoo hoo! I'm so excited!!

    Have a fabulous trip.

  7. Yay! I won something!! Thanks so much! Have a fantastic trip...I'm sure you'll LOVE it!
    PS. I love the super give-aways!

  8. thanks for the giveaway...I received them, they are so much fun!
    Have a great week!!!

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