Monday, September 24, 2007

Naps.... or not!

Other moms tell me about their babies who can fall asleep on their own. They just set them down in their crib, they say, and the baby just drifts peacefully off to sleep. If they ever do cry or fuss, it's only for five minutes or less. Not Kirsten! She always has to be rocked to sleep. She'll keep napping peacefully as long as she's in my arms, but when I try to put her down her eyes just pop right open. I find it so funny that I can talk on the phone while she's napping in my arms and she won't wake up, but putting her down wakes her up almost every time!

She looks so peaceful when she actually does sleep. But after I took these pictures, she slept for about five more minutes and then woke right up. She's a difficult napper.

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  1. She is so sweet asleep! I know what you mean though! That's how it is. Chloe is doing it like crazy lately. But it's only during the day. She sleeps through the night no prob. With Sienna we had to let her cry herself to sleep eventually. It's WORTH IT!!


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